"Move to the Beat - Move to the rhythm of London 2012"

Coca-Cola unveils an intense program of activities to excite, engage and inspire the public before and during the highly anticipated sporting event, the shout of "Move to the Beat - Move to the rhythm of London 2012"

From over 80 years, Coca-Cola supports the international Olympic movement, and shares the positive values, as signs of involvement and passion for the sport

A celebration with whom Coca-Cola contributes concretely demonstrating its commitment to make a difference in a positive way in all the communities in which it operates

Milan, July 2012 - On the occasion of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola - as an official partner - reveals a wide range of international and Italian celebratory activities, with the aim to inspire participation, enthusiasm and motivation among all sports fans, particularly among young people, and renew its commitment to the community, according to their positive values of the Olympic spirit.

The campaign Move to the Beat: global and collective experience.
The Coca-Cola global integrated marketing campaign for the Olympic Games revolves around "Move to the Beat - Move to the rhythm of London 2012", a creative concept
that fuses the positive values of music and sport, and embraces the 'invitation to be enthusiastic every day for the movement and active lifestyle, drifting from the rhythm of the music and the desire to be together.
As most long-standing supporter of the movement of the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola recognizes the Move to the Beat campaign as the broader and more integrated  program ever activated during the 84-year partnership between the brand and the International Olympic Committee.
Coca-Cola Move to the Beat for London 2012 proposes itself as a collective experience, able to engage and create desire to participate in all sports lovers, and is composed of innovative features and synergy between them, which fully express the positive spirit linking Coca-Cola to the Olympic Games.

The soundtrack of Coca-Cola Olympic Games 2012 "Anywhere in the World"

The innovative approach adopted by involvement and participation in the campaign "Move to the Beat", finds its full expression in the soundtrack "Anywhere In The World" specially made from Coca-Cola for the Olympic Games in London in 2012. A song that opens new horizons to the creation of music, fusing together the sounds of music, sports and Coca-Cola to create a rhythm with unique features.

"Anywhere In The World" was created for Coca-Cola from producer Mark Ronson, Grammy Awards, the pop star Katy B, nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, and an orchestra of ... five Olympic athletes, chosen for their sporting value and their inspiring stories: the sounds that are created during their sports performance become in fact an integral part of the musical composition.

The Italian chapter of Move to the Beat - Move to the Rhythm of London 2012
In Italy, the Coca-Cola integrated marketing campaign for London 2012 has started in late April and conclude in mid-August, tracing a path that - in the months before the big event - grow and cultivate a passion for the binomial sports and music, and during the Olympic Games reach its climax. The basic elements of the campaign are: television and radio campaign, outdoor billboards, digital assets, media partnerships, special initiative with OVS, the in-store activation, a special edition bottles of Coca-Cola made SIBEG Sicily, and a regional plan for Campania

Spot TV and radio commercials
The campaign "Move to the Beat - Move to the Rhythm of London 2012" will arrive in Italian homes through intensive planning that involve the major broadcasters in the months of July and August 2012.
In particular, the TV commercial - adapted from McCann to Italy in the format 30'' and 15'' - was made with a totally innovative way: by involving the public in the creative process. Many young people have in fact attended the event which took place during the filming of the spot, held in London with Mark Ronson, Katy B, and Olympic athletes. Allowing the public to take and share photographs and videos represented a break with the tradition of "secrecy" of advertising. Centered on the soundtrack "Anywhere in the World", the ad pays tribute to the spirit of sharing that characterizes the Olympics through an impacting audiovisual representation of the rhythm that comes from the combination of sport and music.

OVS Consumer Promotion
From 12 June to 8 July in selected OVS stores throughout Italy, it was possible to participate the Coca-Cola competition  buying clothes or accessories Coca-Cola branded. Giving away 10 exclusive tickets for the concert Coca-Cola to celebrate the journey of the Olympic Torch in London on July 26.
Store in Milan in Via Marghera, Milan Milan XXII Marzo and Milan Buenos Aires will be made real "shop in shop" customized Coca-Cola with hostess and refrigerator cabinets. In addition to shopping, you can then cool off and relax either in the shop buying our products in a Coca-Cola space with tables and chairs. In these three stores there will be TV screens where you can watch Olympic Games live matches.
In-Store Activation
Thanks to close partnerships with the world of retail, will be raffled the exclusive Coca-Cola backpacks for London 2012, you can win the purchase of 4 bottles of Coca-Cola 1.5l/2l (CCZ CCR and CCL) and Fanta , or 2 of Powerade 0.5.  Simply sending a text message it will be possible participate to the final raffle.

Collectible bottles made by SIBEG in Sicily
SIBEG, official Coca-Cola bottler in Sicily, has created a special series of collectible bottles, to celebrate and commemorate the London 2012 Olympic adventure.
You can collect 3 bottles in the campaign. The 3 figures are inspired by the Movement, closer to the world of teenagers, while the colors used remind the 5 Olympic rings.
These bottles, limited edition, will be on sale only in Sicily only on  the HoReCa channel
Campania Special

In the busiest places of the region Campania this summer Coca-Cola brings the unique taste and passion for London 2012, with maxi-billboards in subway stations and streets of Naples, as well as the most popular beaches in summer 2012.

"The Olympic Games represent for Coca-Cola a unique moment of sharing and dissemination of positive values of sport, from which our brand has always found inspiration to engage and excite their consumers - said Fabrizio Nucifora, Marketing Director Coca-Cola Italy - the opportunity of London 2012 is particularly significant because today more than ever we want to inspire the younger generation's passion for the sport, especially with programs that encourage young people to adopt more active lifestyles: a tangible sign of our commitment to make a difference in a positive way in all the communities in which we operate. A commitment to the Olympic Games that we also show offering products and sizes on a larger range than ever and the realization of our most ambitious program of managing carbon emissions. "

Coca-Cola London 2012: a partnership that reaffirms its commitment to make a difference in the world in a positive way
On the occasion of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola will provide the most extensive range of products, in terms of beverages and formats, ever offered to the Olympic and Paralympic Games; a choice that reflects fully the goal of Coca-Cola , to offer a wide range of drinks and different formats, so that consumers can choose according to their needs and your lifestyle

Moreover, the spirit of sharing the values of the Olympic Games that guides the choices of Coca-Cola on this occasion means a renewed commitment to the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles. To date, Coca-Cola supports over 250 programs of physical activity and nutrition education in over 100 countries, and is committed achieving at least one in each country of operation by 2015.

At the same time, confirming a tangible approach to environmental responsibility that drives business decisions, Coca-Cola aims to make the London 2012 Olympic Games more "green" than ever: this event represents the most ambitious program management of carbon footprint ever made by Coca-Cola, with a goal of offsetting the emissions produced.

About "Anywhere in the World"

Mark Ronson has traveled the world record for the athletes as they train for the London 2012 Olympic Games and the sounds of their sports, mixed to the voice of Katy B, have become "Anywhere in the World". The five Olympic athletes are: Kseniya Vdovina (Russia) - Athletics; dayyan Jaffar (Singapore) - Archery, Maria Espinoza (Mexico) - Taekwondo, David Oliver (USA) - Race to obstacles; Darius Knight (UK) - table tennis.
The video was shot with an innovative technique, which for the first time ever, the consumer has made the protagonist: the shooting was carried out during a big event open to the public, during which athletes have performed on stage and viewers have contributed to the creative process, recounting their experience with live photos and video shared online.

Thanks to the use of solar energy, biogas and HFC-free trucks and low impact energy coolers, the goal of Coca-Cola for London 2012 is the total compensation of emissions .
In line with the overall vision of 'zero waste' with regard to packaging, all PET bottles used at Olympic venues during the Games will be recycled to produce new bottles within 6 weeks. Coca-Cola is determined to propose standards characterized by advanced packaging including sustainability, through initiatives such as Plant Bottle, which uses up to 30% of materials from plants.
Coca-Cola overall aim is "return" to the environment  a quantity of water equivalent to the one used in the production of all products by 2020.