Coca-Cola Cup – Get Active

33.960 Sicilian students on the field with Coca-Cola

Catania, April 9, 2014 - More than 33 000 Sicilian students, 1.969 teams on the field for a culture and sport project that has the flavor of optimism, positivity and healthy competition.

Kick off for the first time in Sicily, of the 3rd edition of the Coca-Cola Cup, the recreational-educational program for students of the first two classes of Secondary Second Degree Institutes, created to promote among young people a healthy and active lifestyle presented in the in the plant of Sibeg Catania, in the presence of the CEO Luca Busi, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations Coca-Cola Italia, Victor Cino and the Regional Formation councilor Nelli Scilabra.

The program Coca-Cola Cup-Get Active is an exceptional opportunity to express practicing in the game and in the study, the most important football values: social inclusion, integration of cultures, healthy competition, fair play, respect for rules, discipline. With the help of the teaching kit, the kids will compete in a creative class test on the importance of practicing a healthy and active lifestyle and values of football as a tool of integration and inclusion, and an amateur tournament in football of five. The schools will select, with home games, men and women teams who will represent the Institute at their provincial stage and then to the local one, which will be played in rounds and elimination, up to the national finals.

<< The NFI contribution to the project Coca-Cola Cup is based on the principle that education is 'the main tool to encourage young people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle by following a balanced diet and practicing regular physical activity - said Andrea Poli, Scientific Director of Nutrition Foundation of Italy - It is important to remember that, in an appropriate lifestyle, no food is forbidden. Good or bad are not food, but the lifestyles >>.

<< Also this year I had the honor to provide my medical scientific contribution to Coca-Cola Cup, sports and cultural project, which still I think is very important in its purpose of information disclosure and dissemination of correct messages of prevention and health education, particularly among younger age groups of the population >> said Professor Francesco Maria Manozzi, professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a member of the National Working Group of the Ministry of Education and Sport responsible of Area Health and Sport UPKL -EU.

The 2014 edition includes the involvement of five regions: Sicily, Lombardy, Campania, Lazio and Veneto.

<< After the success of the previous two editions , we are really excited to be able this year to expand the range of our project involving a total of 150.930 students. Football is a world of healthy competition , respect for themselves and for the others and especially of inclusion. These are the values which we want to do and we intend spokesman spread among the younger generation - said Victor Cino Director of Communications and Public Affairs Coca -Cola Italy - Coca- Cola Cup is the declination of a global commitment of Coca-Cola to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Coca -Cola has so far launched more than 280 physical activity programs in more than 115 countries worldwide and is committed to achieve by 2015 at least one program of physical activity in the over 200 countries where it operates. In Italy, Coca -Cola has been active in the implementation of projects for the benefit of physical activity, involving the last 10 years about 3.5 million people, including many young people >> .

The 2014 edition of the Coca-Cola Cup will see the participation of 398 schools and 33.960 students in Sicily for the educational part, by distributing 1.132 kits; the best works selected by the jury will be rewarded with an endowment of sports materials for the Institute.

Are 211 Secondary Institutes of Sicily that have deployed in the field 1.969 teams (between male and female) with almost 20.000 players and 224 tournaments internal teams that will compete in provincial tournaments, of which 165 male and 59 female, who total 2.240 players will participate in Sicily.

Concluded the provincial stage of the tournament in football, the best teams in Sicily will have access to the final stage, which will see teams representing 5 regions involved in play for the title of champions. The winners of the national tournament (men and women) will participate in the Coca-Cola Cup Camp, an educational campus sports where kids will experience movement, integration and entertainment in the name of the most famous game in the world, football.
Coca-Cola Cup this year, given the coincidence with the Brazilian world, gathers and integrates in the performance of the route business initiatives dedicated to the event, of which Coca-Cola is an official partner since 1978, in particular #tuttisulcampo: students of the involved schools, by posting a picture of them, can participate in the creation of mosaic largest flag in the world that will be unveiled at the opening ceremony of the games at the Maracana stadium to witness, through the smiles of the children, that the World Cup is #lacoppaditutti.

Coca-Cola Cup, in the two previous editions, has involved more than 160,000 students, a result that the program will double in this edition.

In parallel with the Coca-Cola Cup, Sibeg has initiated the visits by opening to schools its plant in an educational and experiential path in order to discover its reality to the kids and to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and the importance of sport and movement. Areas in which Coca-Cola Italy has always been investing a lot of resources.
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Coca-Cola Cup – Get Active
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