Meeting Sibeg Target Consumer

Press Release

Sibeg, bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola Company products in Sicily, renews the annual meeting with its key stakeholders to present the 2012 anti-crisis plan.
The company since 1960, produces, bottles and distributes all products branded The Coca-Cola Company.
Thanks to its internal organizational structure of 200 employees, 75 agents and widespread reach, with a workforce of over 1000 people, from the Catania plant depart daily between 30 to 60 trucks of product being delivered - directly or through distributors - to about 32,000 retail outlets on the island.
Sibeg, with a market share of over 51%, represents one of the main actors of development and innovation of the Sicilian economy with a turnover of over 100 million euros.
The topic that will be discussed on April 12 is effectively imaged by the title of the day: target consumer.
In the current economic environment, with consumption struggling to grow and the increasingly competitive environment, Sibeg has an anti-crisis plan that rests on four solid elements: the cost price, innovation, excellence in the activation of stores and developing the full potential of its customers.
The morning program includes detailed presentations of the plans by the management of Coca-Cola Italy and Sibeg. Following this, two major analyst and consultancy firms will intervene: AC Nielsen will present a critical analysis of the current market and its dynamics of consumption, Bain & Company will explain the basic principles for a new approach to the relationship between industry and distribution.
The theme will then be detailed in a panel discussion led by Ivo Ferrario, director of communications of Centromarca, in  which will intervene Cristina Busi Ferruzzi, president of  Sibeg, Ivan Lo Bello past president of Confindustria Sicilia, and representatives of major banks and some customers operating in Sicily.
Sibeg want to share this important moment with the press by inviting journalists to the meeting to be held on April 12 at the Ora Hotel in Viagrande Hotel at 9:30.
At the end of the morning, Luca Busi, CEO, will be available to answer all questions relating to the day and for examining the role of Sibeg in the Sicilian economy.
Sibeg Coca-Cola’s anti-crisis plan is divided into four basic elements:
1. Price convenience
The objective of Sibeg for 2012 is to offer the Sicilian consumer certain prices on some sizes for everyday use (1 lt pet and pet 1.5 lt), against a very strong current variability of consumer prices. The tool for achieving this is an indication of the suggested retail price label.
Furthermore, the convenience of the price will be promoted through the promotional activities carried out on multiple formats (x2 and x4), on which the thrust will be towards a reduction of the retail price compared to 2011.

2. Innovation
Sibeg Coca-Cola proposes new products for 2012 14, whereas many other consumer goods companies are driven in the direction of streamlining assortments and in fact reducing the supply for consumption.
These innovations pertain to the main brands of the company, ie Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta and Coca-Cola Zero, which are enriched by the 15 cl mini-can format, 1 liter pet and 2 liter pet. They also involve the introduction of other beverages such as Burn energy drink and Burn juice 50 cl pet format, and also sports drink Powerade, with the launch of version zero calorie / zero sugar Powerade Zero. Finally green tea Nestea Green will be introduced in the Sicilian market, the first drink in Italy with the natural sweetener stevia.

3. Excellence in the activation of stores
Sibeg Coca-Cola, even in a downturn in consumption, is investing in the future and continues on its path to increased sales force in the area with 13 new promoters coming to visit for 48% of the 32,000 points of sale in Sicily. The placement of refrigerator display cases on the points of consumption also continues, with 2,900 new refrigerated units, to always offer the consumer The Coca-Cola Company products at the right temperature.

4. Developing the full potential of retail partners
To its distribution partners (wholesalers and supermarket chains), Sibeg offers the possibility to increase its turnover. For such purpose, in 2012 Sibeg is aiming at gaining leverage on Sibeg product visibility in sales points, both on the beverage shelves and in other topical points; on the development of formats for consumption outside the home (0,5 l glass and pet bottles); of the presence of the three colas in sales points: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light and Coca-Cola Zero; and lastly on the development of combining Coca-Cola to the consumer related to daily meal.

Meeting Sibeg Target Consumer