For summer 2013 the Fanta world is enriched with a fresh, inviting taste special edition

Milan, May 2013
Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor is the Coca-Cola news for summer 2013. With its fresh and original bright pink color, it is a special edition dedicated to all lovers of new flavors and fun.

The new Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor extends the range of the historic brand Fanta, the first orange juice in Italy and registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company distributed in 190 countries with a broad range of variations.

After being launched with great success in 12 European countries, Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor arrive in Italy in a limited edition for 4 months, from May to August 2013.
The new Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor will be available in major retail chains and in the channel in sizes from 1.5 L PET and 500 ml.

Fabrizio Nucifora, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Italia said: "Offering small moments of pleasure and entertainment to our consumers is our first priority, and Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor symbolizes fully fresh and innovative spirit that characterizes our initiatives. This change is part of a plan of very significant innovations and investments that Coca-Cola decided to build in Italy in 2013. Fanta has always been a key brand in the Italian market, and it is important for us to be able to constantly renew the bond between the brand and its audience.
With this new flavor we turn to dynamic people who love to experiment and have fun, offering a refreshing drink, ideal for the summer. "

Communication campaign.
To promote the product, it has been produced  a commercial, which will be on air from the 29th of  April for 6 weeks. At the same time, the campaign will be activated online and also on the main social media.

At the same time, the new Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor will also be given at the point of sale of the largest retail chains in Italy with special exhibitions.

The new Fanta Strawberry and Kiwi flavor is an example of the constant of Coca-Cola products in order to offer a pleasant and refreshing, also characterized by constant innovation, to anticipate and meet every demand of the consumers, so that everyone can choose the most suitable drink at every opportunity, as well as to your needs and your lifestyle.

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Fanta in Italy is also available as: Fanta Orange drink, Fanta Zero Orange drink, Fanta Orange soda Amara, Fanta Orange drink Taste Orange Red, and another recent newcomer, Fanta Lemon.