Milan, November 2011. Powerade launched in Italy Powerade ION4 sports drink with a new formula. The isotonic sports drink wil be used by elite athletes to prepare for the London Olympic Games in 2012.
Powerade ION4 was developed by sports scientists, hydrates better than water and helps you give the maximum and longer.
Powerade ION4 contains liquids and 4 of the minerals lost through sweat (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) which are lost through sweat, to give an efficient hydration and a combination of carbohydrates to quickly give back energy that the body loses during exercise.
Research has shown that just drinking water during or after intense exercise is not the ideal way to hydrate. Water quenches thirst before the liquids and minerals lost through sweat, such as sodium, are adequately restored.
Moreover, water does not contain carbohydrates, which in combination with sodium contribute to maximize the rate of absorption of liquids in the body, for a more efficient hydration during and after the exercise. Moreover, sodium, the main mineral lost through sweat and present in Powerade ION4, helps the body to maintain liquids and compensate for dehydration.
The advantages of rehydration during and after physical exercise are often underestimated; a loss of liquids equal to only 2% of body weight (1,4 Kg for a 70 Kg person), can have a significant effect on physical and mental performance.
Powerade ION4 helps ensure an effective supply of energy, to maintain the desired levels of performance and offers and efficient hydration for intense workouts.
Powerade ION4 has been available in Italy in supermarkets, hypermarkets and bars  since October 2011. The new sports drink is available in Mountain Blast, Orange, Citrus and Blood Orange. For further information visit www.powerade.eu
POWERADE ION4 hydrates better than water* to help you give the maximum and longer.
To celebrate the launch of POWERADE ION4, a variety of communication activities were created:
- A new advertisement planned around the most important national and satellite networks;
- A press campaign on the main sport magazines and non, magazines and national newspapers;
- A digital campaign as well as a dedicated website where six Olympic athletes give proof of the efficiency of POWERADE ION4 during their athletic preparation for London 2012.
- Moreover, POWERADE ION4 is the Official Sport Drink of Juventus, of Calcio Catania, of the Euro 2012 UEFA players and of the other athletes of the 2012 Olympics.
*For your prolonged and intense sports, Powerade ION4 contains not only water but also minerals and taste for an effective hydration. It also contains carbohydrates for better performance.
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