SIBEG - consumption and water purchase

Water for Sibeg is very important, and of course the Company is fully aware of the importance of the resource with a lifelong commitment to limit the impact on the water basin.

Sibeg has a very dense level of certifications to ensure quality, safety and environment specific audits by:

• ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 - FSSC 22000 (Food Quality and Safety)
• ISO 14001 (Environment)
• OHSAS 18001 (Safety)

Sibeg uses drinking water supplied directly from Sidra S.p.A. (Environmental Services Idrici), which distributes drinking water throughout the territory of the city of Catania.

The total expenditure which the company claims is derived in part by  consumption and partly by the management of purifying plants and water treatment costs.
For 2016 the total was  of 431.651 €. 

Details follow:

Cost of total consumption 2016: 153,901 € (338,781 m3 // 0.4543 price €) paid in Sidra
Total operatign cost 2016: € 277,750

SIBEG - consumption and water purchase