“Sibeg for you”

Sibeg pays great attention to its resources and has already implemented many activities aimed at reconciling work and private life. Born in 2009, the project "Sibeg for You!" has established initiatives to his credit of which the employees have been and will continue to enjoy.
From services to save time - for example through the processing and payment utilities - to facilitate transfers - with a pick up service - to and from the airport. Initiatives to save money - with concession of loans and insurance deductible from the payroll without interest - Local Shopping and facilitating the purchase of goods and services through agreements with insurance companies, car dealerships and retail outlets. Other initiatives include leisure and sport to promote the Running Team Sibeg participated in the marathon "Corri Catania" through the streets of our city. Other projects are devoted to the reconciliation of working hours through the provision of tele-workers to those with very young children. Finally, very important are the moments of aggregation such as - first of all - the Welcome Day, the day on which the General Director Natale Lia illustrates the company's mission and vision, gets to know the new employees and has lunch with them.

The new project "Sibeg for You!" is articulated through two parallel paths with actions of "home-work balance" that aim to improve the reconciliation between work time, private life and actions "over work" that aim to improve the quality the lives of people outside the company.
The targets are challenging and full of the values in which we believe in, and that is the growing desire to reconcile professional and private needs, improving the business climate and motivation of people, to ensure that our business is always the most ideal place where to work.
For this reason we believe that the balance between the management of work activities and the family is in itself a guarantee of success and strengthen the sense of belonging; so here we have investigated new services, active starting in the month of June, ranging from "timesaving" activities with the tire dealer and the mechanic who will collect the car directly at our workplace , to conventions for kindergarten and baby swimming schools for children of employees, agreements with pools, gyms, fitness centers, schools of music and photography, theater and cinema for the development of psychological well-being beyond the working hours .

“Sibeg for you”