Sibeg opens the doors of the plant.

Restarts the program dedicated to the Sicilian schools that will involve the first three months over 1,000 students

Catania, April 9, 2014 - Sibeg plant reopens its doors to Sicilian students giving them an education- experiential program - aimed to raising awareness among young people about the importance of sport and movement. The company, which since 1960 produces, bottles and distributes all brand products of The Cola-Cola Company will activate the program "Plant Visit" involving already in the first three months a thousand students of secondary schools of first and second degree.

<< We are happy to welcome Sicilian school kids, to show them how we make the most famous drink in the world - said Luca Busi, CEO of Sibeg - is an important opportunity to present our work, excellence of the Sicilian territory, and reiterate the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. A unique experience for our young people who will live for one day the fascinating world of bubbles >>.

Thanks to its internal organizational structure, strong 200 employees, 93 agents and the induced capillary, with a workforce of over 1000 people, by the plant of Sibeg in Catania depart daily from 30 to 100 trucks of product that is delivered - either directly or through distributors – to about 32.000 retail outlets on the island. Catania plant covers a total area of 58,000 square meters of which 21,000 are covered, in which every day produces between 450.000 and 500.000 liters of sixty thousand cans an hour, eight million cases a year to 24 cans each branded the Coca-Cola Company,  through 3 blowing lines and 6 filling lines.

The first phase of the visits will take place between March and May, during which Sibeg expected to accommodate  about 1.000 students aged 12 years and over, and then resume in October after returning from the summer break. Visit@sibeg program provides a comprehensive tour of the production plant, from the production to the blowing line, from bottling and packaging (PET, vap, drums and cans) lines to the areas of quality control, syrup room, water treatment and WWT. The visit to the factory is functional also to raise awareness of the brand products of The Coca-Cola Company, with an overview of the organoleptic characteristics, on properties and nutritional value of each drink. As part of the educational and experiential, particular attention is paid to the promotion among kids of a healthy and active lifestyle. Coca-Cola Italy has always invested a lot of resources in the importance of sport and movement.

At the end of the visit to all the students will be given a booklet containing, in addition to the history of Sibeg, basic information about the plant and an overview of the products, the brochure "Il gusto di vivere bene", in collaboration with the Nutrition Foundation of Italy, a practical book that wants to raise awareness among young readers about the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Schools can book a visit calling 095 5238352 or sending a fax to 095 591441 or emailing at

Sibeg opens the doors of the plant.
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