The socio-economic impact of Sibeg in Sicily.

The socio-economic impact of Sibeg in Sicily: a driving force for economic and social development of the region.

-96% of the turnover of Sibeg is a source of wealth for the territory
-1.353 job positions created and supported in Sicily
- € 41 million income paid to direct and indirect workers

Catania, June 6, 2014 - Sibeg * - Carbonated Drinks Bottling Company - official bottler of The Coca-Cola Company, on the twenty-second place among the 1.846 companies operating in the beverage sector in Italy, today introduced the study of its socio-economic impact in Sicily during a workshop open to the public and institutions, moderated by journalist Marcello Sorgi. Took part to the works Elita Schillaci, Professor of the Department of Economics and Business University of Catania and responsible for the research project, carried out together with professors Francesco Garraffo and Marco Romano, Luca Busi CEO of Sibeg and Victor Cino Director of Communications and Institutional Relations of Coca-Cola Italia.

The analysis examined the direct impact of the added value created by Sibeg in the form of wages and salaries paid by the company to its employees and sales agents, reinvested profits and taxes paid in Sicily; the indirect impact that refers to the volume of business generated by its suppliers and distributors, and the jobs created indirectly in these companies, and the induced impact that is the consumer spending (net of savings) and then the purchasing power of employees, agents and indirect workers whose wages and salary is attributable to the company.

The results show that the total value of all the impacts generated by Sibeg is relevant both in terms of economic development and as a contribution to the social development of the area: almost all of the company's revenue - 96% to € 107 million - is transformed in fact, in returning wealth to the region of Sicily in the form of purchasing power, employment for workers and for all the different companies that operate in its supply chain. In 2012 Sibeg has created a total of 1,353 job positions, delivering and supporting labor income for a total of € 41 million.

"Sibeg acted as a catalyst of development for itself and for the community by transforming its economic capacity in greater wealth for the entire local and regional community. The collaboration with the Sicilian bottler is particularly useful for companies operating in the logistics, "- said Elita Schillaci Catania University -" From the point of view of employment, the most important impact is in fact the one on the downstream industry chain, from distributors up to the stores, which due to Sibeg, employ 943 indirect employees. "


In detail Sibeg in 2012 had a direct impact equal to 11, 39% (€ 12.273.040). The Catania bottling company proves to be an innovative enterprise capable of generating employment income in excess of the weight of its turnover.

The indirect impact is articulated in the first level (ie the liquidity reintroduced into the region in favor of local partners and suppliers, in exchange for their services); second level (referring to the number of jobs created in the supplier and commercial companies).

In detail, out of a total revenue of € 107 million, the indirect impact of the first level is equal to 22.2% of total revenues (€ 23.939.396).
As for the indirect impact of the second level, the value of the income paid to employees indirectly employed – 1.063 units - amounted to € 29.635.601: the bottling company has therefore created purchasing power in Sicily for 27, 51% of sales in 2012.

The third and final socio-economic impact generated by Sibeg in Sicily covers consumer spending net of savings of Sicilian families whose wage or salary is directly or indirectly supported by Sibeg: this value was equal to € 37.674.307. This means that in addition to the impacts described above, an additional 35% of the turnover of the company has turned into purchasing power for the direct and indirect employees of the company.

"We are pleased with the results emerging from the study conducted by the University of Catania, which highlights our commitment to the region of Sicily in which Sibeg has been present since 1960. A path that has led us to be the primary player in the beverage industry, with a market share that exceeds 10% of that of our competitors "- said Luca Busi, CEO of Sibeg -" Our growth cannot be separated from that of the communities in which we operate. For this reason, we are inspired by a responsible business model that we hope will be of benefit to the entire network of companies operating in Sicily. "

The report shows that, in absolute harmony with the overall vision of The Coca-Cola Company, Sibeg has been able to delineate its own Social Entrepreneurship, which over the years has declined in 50 activities, projects and initiatives aimed at improving the individual and the community well-being and to reduce the environmental impact of the production cycle.

"Sibeg, along with Coca-Cola HBC Italia, is a fundamental part of the Coca-Cola system in Italy. It makes us proud to see how one of our most important partners is able to combine the needs of the Sicilian market with the strategy of social responsibility of The Coca-Cola Company "- said Vittorio Cino, Director of Communications and Institutional Relations of Coca-Cola Italy.

The socio-economic impact of Sibeg in Sicily.
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