The touch of Coca-Cola Light to Sicilian summers

The appointment with the spring-summer season opens with the most fashionable Light taste of Coca-Cola. After the success of last year all over Italy, on television and on the streets from early May until September, the super stylish "Puppets", the undisputed queens of the new campaign Coca-Cola Light. Launched in Italy in 1991 and centered on a young and exciting target, Coca-Cola Light  is perfectly  matched to women and even more to fashion and is the ideal drink for those who drink in style. If all of Italy in the period from May to September devoted to the "stylish Puppets" extensive attention, the hot month of July, Sicily is also very light, with many initiatives related to the elegance. A corner of the  busiest and most famous street of Catania, Via Etnea is home to a giant outdoor Coca-Cola Light event, the famous Puppets, in fact, have become advocates of a "claim" nothing short of sparkling and entirely Sicilian... On July 9th and 10th was organized an event in which Coca-Cola Light once again approaches the world of fashion thanks to Fashion Village in the province of Enna, location of the Light  Sampling.  During the third week of July, as usual, Coca-Cola Light will be at "Talent and surroundings" confirming the perfect combination of taste and elegance.
From the worlds of fashion to that of art and music, Coca-Cola Light also having another event of national resonance: "The nights of the legend" held in Taormina
From fashion, to music, squares and theaters, Coca-Cola Light is the protagonist of Sicilian summers, with the original claim of the drink dedicated to Sicily ....
…”Fresh, Cool, and Light” !!!

The touch of Coca-Cola Light to Sicilian summers