1. Coca-Cola Christmas 2013 limited edition.

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    Published: 29 November 2013

    Coca-Cola Christmas 2013 limited edition.

    Santa Claus is again the main character of the Coca-Cola bottles in limited edition. This year's collection is available in 25 cl glass size with three Santa Claus subjects and with a single subject  in the pet 50 cl pack. You can find Coca-Cola Christmas bottles by the Ho.Re.Ca. retail market. Once again, a magical gift idea to collect. Read more

  2. Coca- Cola light limited edition by Marc Jacobs

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    Published: 25 October 2013

    Coca- Cola light limited edition by Marc Jacobs

    The Coca- Cola light limited edition designed by fashion designer Marc Jacobs is now available also in the precious glass 25cl pack. It can be found at the Ho.Re.Ca. channel retails of the Sicilian territory. Marc Jacobs, appointed as Creative Director of Coca-Cola light in 2013, launched in Italy  the three subjects "I Hearts 80s", "I Hearts 90s" and "I Hearts 00s" during the Fashion Week in Milan. In addition to the exclusive 25cl glass bottle produced by Sibeg for Sicily , the creations by Marc Jacobs for Coca-Cola light will be available in our country until December 2013 in the  33cl cans , 500ml PET , 1, 5lt and 1.75lt versions. The... Read more

  3. Marc Jacobs, creative director of Coca-Cola light in 2013.

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    Published: 9 September 2013

    Marc Jacobs, creative director of Coca-Cola light in 2013.

    On the occasion of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Coca-Cola light in Europe, Marc Jacobs decided to give a special tribute to the lovers of the more feminine drink of the world: Coca-Cola Light Limited Edition! Three decades, three icons of the women role, one unique style. "I Heart 80's" Embodies the rise of the woman career of the 80s and the typical dressing power of those years. Marc Jacobs captures the atmosphere with a classic and timeless, also inspired by the designer's love for the theater. The bow tie and the bright lights of Broadway included in the design, recall the spectacular launch of Coca-Cola light that took place at Radio City... Read more

  4. "Summer 2013": the limited edition by Coca-Cola

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    Published: 30 July 2013

    "Summer 2013": the limited edition by Coca-Cola

    Once again Coca-Cola amazes us with the pastel colours of the limited edition "Summer 2013" bottles: this is the colorful series of Coca-Cola in glass bottles of 25 cl. The collection, produced by Sibeg and consisting of 3 subjects, can be found from August and only for a limited period, at Ho.Re.Ca. Sicilian point of sales. Read more

  5. 'Share a Coke'

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    Published: 7 May 2013

    'Share a Coke'

    A real turning point for the first time in 127 years the brand Coca-Cola gives way to the 150 most popular names in Italy, with a production  "dedicated" to Sicily! The history of Coca-Cola is full of moments to remember and the 8th of May - the date of the 127th anniversary of the most famous drink in the world - is about to become one of them. Thanks to the project "Share a Coke", the famous logo will be replaced by names, generic names and ways of saying the most widespread and popular among Italians, for a product hyper-personalized and all to share! From May to August 2013, on the bottles of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light and Coca-Cola Zero will be... Read more

  6. Birth of the Coca-Cola can Made in Sicily

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    Published: 28 January 2013

    Birth of the Coca-Cola can Made in Sicily

    Sixty thousand cans an hour, eight million cases of 24 cans each year, more than 12 million euros investment. Sibeg looks ahead, despite the difficult economic situation, betting on the new production line of Coca-Cola cans and promising numbers of success. After Corfinio, Marcianise, Nogara, arrives in Sicily, the fourth plant in Italy, the only one that nationally and produces mini size can (15 ml). Sibeg, bottler and distributor of "The Coca-Cola Company" products on the island, will be able to satisfy independently the demand of "Red" in the regional market. Cut the ribbon, with the blessing of Catania Metropolitan Archbishop, Msgr. Salvatore Gristina, Maria... Read more

  7. Online the winner video of the Burn 2012 Video Remix Competition!

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    Published: 17 January 2013

    Online the winner video of the Burn 2012 Video Remix Competition!

    Burn Video Remix, the competition launched between last October and November which counted over 20 disco-bar participants, has come to an end. We have collected over 1.400 video but only one has done it: click the link and watch the video and photos of the winning prize trip. Burn has raffled off a trip to Amsterdam for the winner and her friends. A unique experience in one of the European music capital. Read more