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    Published: 29 September 2014


    In the middle of Milan Fashion Week was unveiled the collaboration between the brand Coca-Cola light and the fashion house Moschino, which led to the creation of a new and exclusive limited edition collection entitled Coca-Cola light loves Moschino. Until December, the cans of Coca-Cola light will have a glamorous and ironic look thanks to three original subjects - Cow Print, Eye Chart and Hearts - which take their inspiration from some elements of the brand's iconic Moschino, presenting his unique style, unexpected and personal. The project Coca-Cola light loves Moschino will be amplified by an integrated marketing campaign planning and communication with the targeted print and... Read more

  2. If you cannot find the words, #sayitwithasong and with the new Coca-Cola bottle collection!

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    Published: 4 August 2014

    If you cannot find the words, #sayitwithasong and with the new Coca-Cola bottle collection!

    Available from August the brand new special collection edition of Coca-Cola glass bottles: the 3 versions of glass bottles produced by Sibeg and on sale only in the region of Sicily, they are going like hot cakes! There are three subjects in limited edition inspired by the theme of music. The graphics that adorn the bottles are inspired by the summer communication plan of Coca-Cola that helps us finding in music a way to communicate and express our moods, making everything easier. You'll find three versions of the bottle "Connect" by the retail of the Sicilian traditional channel. Read more

  3. With Coca-Cola, if you cannot find the words ... #saywithasong !

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    Published: 9 July 2014

    With Coca-Cola, if you cannot find the words ... #saywithasong !

    After replacing the legendary logo with the names of its consumers, this summer Coca-Cola puts on their bottles music. With Coca-Cola, if you cannot find the words ... #saywithasong! A large number of titles and verses of some of the finest Italian and foreign songs, to devote or dedicate themselves,  to release emotions through the music. It is often difficult to describe emotions, talk about what it feels like. It happens to crash, searching for the right words ... This summer, Coca-Cola will help us to find them in the music, because nothing like a song is able to communicate our moods, making everything easier. Starts  today the campaign #dilloconunacanzone... Read more

  4. Coca-Cola and Expo 2015

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    Published: 24 June 2014

    Coca-Cola and Expo 2015

    The Coca-Cola Company is Official Soft Drink Partner of Expo 2015. Innovation and sustainability engines of collaboration. Coca-Cola aims to have a leading role in addressing the global challenges of food and environmental sustainability. Milan, 16th of June 2014 – Coca-Cola will be Official Soft Drink Partner of Expo 2015, the universal exhibition in Milan from the 1st of May 2015 to the  31st of  October 2015. Coca-Cola has been selected by EXPO by virtue of its global commitment to innovation, intended as the engine of sustainable growth, capable of generating wealth for the community, at the same time respecting and protecting all resources used and... Read more

  5. Collect the Coca-Cola World Cup cans

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    Published: 14 April 2014

    Collect the Coca-Cola World Cup cans

    Coca-Cola changes its look for the FIFA World Cup ™ and celebrates the sporting event of the year with a Special Limited Edition dedicated to the winning countries of the FIFA World Cup ™. The cans are transformed into unique objects, collect them all to celebrate and remember the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup ™ Available throughout the country from the second half of April until the close of the 2014 Brazil, at the usual selling price, the eight cans " FIFA World Cup ™ " will report the names of many countries lucky winners of the FIFA World Cup ™, from 1930 to the present: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, England, Spain, Uruguay and,... Read more

  6. Coca-Cola: a record on Facebook!

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    Published: 7 March 2014

    Coca-Cola: a record on Facebook!

    Coca-Cola has reached 80 million fans on Facebook  digital platform ! Coca-Cola is the first among all the brands in the world to achieve this amazing goal! Coca-Cola confirms not only to be the most preferred brand in the world, but also be able to talk to all their consumers adapting to constantly evolving and lifestyle habits. It is a further confirmation of the effectiveness of theCoca-Cola communication campaign Cultural Leadership - video available on this website-. Check Coca-Cola on Facebook and if you're not a fan this is the right time to become one!!/cocacola Read more


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    Published: 18 February 2014


    Milan, February 13, 2014 - Fanta Lemon, the Fanta brand lemonade with lemon pulp launched in March 2013, was voted Product of the Year 2014 in the "Carbonated Beverages" category with an awards ceremony held last February 12 in Milan. The Elected Product of the Year award is the result of a market survey conducted by IRI of 12.000 consumers, based on a pre-selection of innovative consumer products on the Italian market. Fanta Lemon is the new and amazing lemonade launched by Fanta at the beginning of 2013. It is a feature lemonade with lemon pulp and no colorants. Available in both 1.5 L bottle in the 500 ml with the shiny new label in perfect tone with its contents lemon... Read more