Coca- Cola light limited edition by Marc Jacobs

  • Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 25/10/2013

The Coca- Cola light limited edition designed by fashion designer Marc Jacobs is now available also in the precious glass 25cl pack. It can be found at the Ho.Re.Ca. channel retails of the Sicilian territory.
Marc Jacobs, appointed as Creative Director of Coca-Cola light in 2013, launched in Italy  the three subjects "I Hearts 80s", "I Hearts 90s" and "I Hearts 00s" during the Fashion Week in Milan.
In addition to the exclusive 25cl glass bottle produced by Sibeg for Sicily , the creations by Marc Jacobs for Coca-Cola light will be available in our country until December 2013 in the  33cl cans , 500ml PET , 1, 5lt and 1.75lt versions.
The collection draws inspiration from three decades experienced by Coca-Cola light , retracing at the same time the evolution of women's fashion through the years '80 , '90 , and 2000.
The three creations , not surprisingly called "I Hearts 80s ", "I Hearts 90s" and "I Hearts 00s ", resume in their backgrounds some of the best-known prints used by the designer: flakes, swallows and red polka dots, stylistic figures of his past collections .

Coca- Cola light limited edition by Marc Jacobs