Coca-Cola and Expo 2015

  • Location: Catania
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  • Date: 24/06/2014

The Coca-Cola Company is Official Soft Drink Partner of Expo 2015.

Innovation and sustainability engines of collaboration.

Coca-Cola aims to have a leading role in addressing the global challenges of food and environmental sustainability.

Milan, 16th of June 2014 – Coca-Cola will be Official Soft Drink Partner of Expo 2015, the universal exhibition in Milan from the 1st of May 2015 to the  31st of  October 2015.
Coca-Cola has been selected by EXPO by virtue of its global commitment to innovation, intended as the engine of sustainable growth, capable of generating wealth for the community, at the same time respecting and protecting all resources used and encouraging fair and balanced consumer styles.
"I am very happy to count among the Coca-Cola Partner Expo - says Dr. Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015 - and I am particularly pleased that Coca-Cola wants to enrich the experience of our visitors through the enhancement of issues such as a balanced diet, the importance of healthy and active lifestyles, in accordance with a sustainable environment. "

At Expo 2015 Coca-Cola will make a corporate pavilion where life will take the heritage, vision and innovation of company and in line with the theme of the "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." The pavilion will become, thus, the frame in which Coca-Cola will be able to tell in an experiential its sustainability model, based on the promotion of active lifestyles, the importance of a balanced diet, product innovation and packaging,
environmental protection.

The partnership of Coca-Cola with Milan Expo 2015 provides a rich calendar of events, conferences and evening events that will offer visitors the opportunity to reflect on global issues such as food and environmental sustainability. The program also includes a commitment to the promotion of Expo Milano 2015 by Coca-Cola as part of its communication and marketing initiatives.

Coca-Cola believes that innovations and deeper impact in the coming decades will be born from the encounter between sustainability practices and value chain. For this reason, Coca-Cola is working to incorporate sustainable innovations at global and local level in every aspect: from the ingredients widening the range of variety of drinks, from the repayment of an amount of water equivalent to that used until recovery and recycling of the packaging.

"The scope and scale of today's global challenges require a model of cooperation based on what we call the golden triangle - the meeting point between institutions, private enterprises and civil society," - said Muhtar Kent, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company. "That's why we are proud to be part of EXPO. It is an excellent opportunity to share possible solutions to the global challenges of food and environmental sustainability. "

“In passato Coca-Cola ha partecipato a diverse esposizioni universali e ci fa particolarmente piacere poter supportare l’Italia in questo evento di portata globale. - ha affermato Evguenia Stoitchkova, General Manager Coca-Cola Italia - “La collaborazione con EXPO 2015 è un segno ulteriore del nostro impegno nella riduzione dell’impatto ambientale delle nostre attività, nella promozione di stili di vita sani e attivi e nel sostenere lo sviluppo delle comunità in cui operiamo.”

"In the past, Coca-Cola has participated in several universal exhibitions and we are particularly pleased to support Italy in the event of global reach. - Said Evguenia Stoitchkova, General Manager of Coca-Cola Italy - "The collaboration with Expo 2015 is a further sign of our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and active in supporting the development and the communities in which we operate. "

Coca-Cola and Expo 2015