With Fanta, fill up of Fun

On air from mid-March Fanta new spot

  • Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 20/03/2015

Are you ready to have fun with us? This is the question that Fanta does to Italian teenagers in the new commercial, on air from Sunday, 15th of March on main television networks.
The theme proposed in the new commercial is just the genuine fun: you can have fun in a simple and authentic way,  with your group of friends and in the company of Fanta: sharing a maxi t-shirt with your best friend during a concert or doing something magic, as inventing a giant bottle on which stay balanced or take a shower with your clothes on ... no matter! What matters is that with Fanta, "the fun never ends!"

The commercial, launched Sunday 15th of March  will be sent in broadcast on the main Italian generalist television channels until November.
Produced by Heimat Werbeagentur Berlin, the spot has been adapted for the Italian market by McCann Italy.

With Fanta, fill up of Fun