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  • Date: 16/06/2015

100 "green" cars for the sales executive: first full electric Field Force in Europe in cooperation with Citroën Italy
Reduction of 330 tons of CO2 emissions in a year
Installation of 50 columns spread across the whole island in partnership with Enel Energia and 7 fast charging stations

CATANIA – Social responsibility, ethics and environmental sustainability: these are the new business assets that look to the territory with a view to development.
Sibeg - The Coca-Cola Company bottler since 1960, in 8th place among the manufacturers of soft drinks in Italy and among the top 50 companies in sales revenues for the Sicilian and number of employees - is once again a major player development and innovation of the Sicilian economy, interpreting the company as a social and cultural vehicle. The last big bet, illustrated this morning (June 16) in Catania, at a press conference sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, the presence of institutions, stakeholders, employees and sales network is the " Green Mobility Project ". Sibeg will be the first company in Europe to equip its Field Force 100 Citroën C-Zero full electric cars for its 100 sales executive, replacing the entire those endothermic currently in use.

A real-pilot operation for the Coca-Cola system and for the market, which will reduce in a year 330 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the amount absorbed by 24,750 trees, with figures showing the environmental benefits of all e-mobility, an area that in Sicily is still struggling to take off (the emission data have been verified by LRQA Italy Srl as documented assurance statement LRC0121094 / 0097 of 15/05/2015). The initiative signed "Sibeg" also provides an investment in the territory for the territory, thanks to a partnership with Enel Energia, which will provide the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles with 50 columns (that will help to fill in 4.5 hours ), installed mostly in parking areas of large-scale retail outlets, spread over the whole island and accessible to the public. The investment includes also the placement of 7 points fast charging (which will allow to fill up in 25 minutes).
Operation, the one announced by the CEO of the Sicilian bottler Luca Busi, supported economically and entirely by Sibeg without any public funding, with an investment of 2.4 million euro for the first three years: the Sicilian company that is always shown sensitive to the problems of industrial impact on the environment becomes so virtuous model in the international scene in terms of sustainable development.

By reducing energy and water consumption, use of renewable sources, through the most advanced technologies for the treatment of wastewater, the "Green Mobility Project" confirms once again the commitment and responsible environmental policy of Sibeg, which built a new way of doing business in dialogue with the social system and spatial reference. To confirm the added value of "green practices" carried out by the company, the recent study by the University of Catania - Department of Economics and Business - that examined the social and economic impact of Sibeg, confirming its role as a "player" primary in the beverage industry and catalyst of development for the community, transforming its economic capacity in greater wealth for the whole local community and regional levels.

The project presented today also follows the lines of development of the Sicilian Region (strategy for smart specialization RIS3), beating the Italian standards of the future. "Through our partnership with Citroën Italy we will provide to 100 sales executive fully electric high-performance vehicles, with the aim of helping to reduce both local emissions of carbon dioxide, both noise pollution. The phenomenon of climate change, rising of petroil  prices, the major hi-tech innovations in the automotive industry and the new dictates of the European standards - continues Busi - push companies to undertake new paths: Sibeg, in this direction, is now a model of innovation. We are confident that the investment will help to give an important impetus to the area of e-mobility. "

A choice in step with the contemporary that has many benefits for the environment, but also for those who choose to take the "green" path:  electric cars, in fact, are not subjected to the restrictions of movement; they have reduced maintenance; they are exempt from stamp duty for the first 5 years with insurance costs on tiered kW engine and not on the horsepower;  allow you to take advantage of incentives on the purchase and to decrease levels of stress. "Driving electric - said Busi - is high performance and allows you to experience really new: thanks to its lightweight construction, the green car is snappy in acceleration while maintaining excellent roadholding; it is practical and spacious; without noise or vibration lets you safely travel with greater comfort to traditional vehicles. Also, you can go 135 km with the cost of a coffee: an economic choice, fun and more accessible, zero emissions. "
"The major European projects of alternative mobility - explains Luca Busi - depart from the study and mapping of the network of charging points for electric cars, currently in Italy, between public and private, are 651, of which only nine in Sicily. In our case, it was just the opposite: we therefore expected, to our cost, the installation of 57 columns, giving our region an infrastructure that was missing with an incidence of 8% nationwide. This operation - which we hope will represent only the first step of a journey that institutions undertake - assumes a high value because it ranks among the objectives the zero-emission mobility in an island from precious natural value and high tourism potential: a project -pilot that we hope will become an example for many other realities of our country, but also for the entire European Union. "

It also acts on the operation Muhtar Kent, CEO of The Coca-Cola Company: "All over the Coca-Cola system, we constantly strive to make a difference in a positive and lasting, through our business and our beverages offer. Sibeg, our partner bottler, is the virtuous example of this commitment to environmental sustainability that lasts: thanks to the use of zero-emission vehicles during each delivery contributes improving the communities in which it operates and the whole world ".

"As Enel strongly believe in the development of electric mobility and its ability to significantly reduce emissions and use of fossil fuels. The only way is to encourage as much as possible the transition to the use of electric cars. For this reason - says Nicholas Lanzetta, head of Enel's Italian Market - we were the first to develop offers for the charging of electric vehicles, offering a range of flexible solutions for all needs; the next step is to make the network of recharging points sufficiently widespread to ensure access to charge to all those who decide to drive electric. In this context we are particularly pleased of the collaboration with Sibeg and can make our contribution to the realization of a comprehensive charging infrastructure in Sicily. We strongly believe in sustainable consumption and aware, offering a full range of products with high energy efficiency. "
"We are excited about the success of the Green Mobility Project - says Angelo Simone, director of CITROËN brand in Italy - this important project is a demonstration of how to develop “electric mobility" when there is synergy between the various actors: virtuous companies, homes car, utility electricity and public bodies. This fleet of Citroën C-Zero, is the largest in Italy and place this project at the forefront in Europe. Zero liters of fuel, zero CO2 emissions while driving, zero noise, CITROËN C-Zero is the 100% electric solution to the modern requirements of sustainable mobility. Along with the full electric solution, CITROËN is committed for many years to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, with a range of technologies such as Micro-Hybrid, the new 3-cylinder petrol engines and diesel engines PureTech BlueHDi, contributing the achievement of leadership in the reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe in 2014 with an average of 110 g. CO2 / km by the Group PSA Peugeot Citroën. "

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