Marc Jacobs, creative director of Coca-Cola light in 2013.

  • Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 09/09/2013

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Coca-Cola light in Europe, Marc Jacobs decided to give a special tribute to the lovers of the more feminine drink of the world: Coca-Cola Light Limited Edition!
Three decades, three icons of the women role, one unique style.
"I Heart 80's"
Embodies the rise of the woman career of the 80s and the typical dressing power of those years.
Marc Jacobs captures the atmosphere with a classic and timeless, also inspired by the designer's love for the theater.
The bow tie and the bright lights of Broadway included in the design, recall the spectacular launch of Coca-Cola light that took place at Radio City NYC on the occasion of the USA debut of the first light drink of the world in 1982.
"I Heart 90's"
It 'a dynamic reinterpretation of the 90s, which   takes the extravagant attitude
of a decade in which fashion, music and art were often inseparable elements, resulting in a female image characterized by a strong look and a daring attitude.
The swallows pattern, one of the stylistic figures of many creations by Marc Jacobs,  adds a romantic element to the look that includes some key elements of '90s fashion, such as tribly hat and vertiginous stilettos.
"I Heart 00's"
The design is an ironic and carefree interpretation of a decade characterized by a sporty-chic style, combining humor, sensuality and energy.
The look is directly inspired by Marc Jacobs  spring/summer 2013 collection fashion show. It also has the red polka dot pattern that has characterized many of his early collections.
Even the lines and geometric patterns in the illustration refer to the exuberance and eclectic inspirations that make it so unique fashion last decade.

Marc Jacobs, creative director of Coca-Cola light in 2013.