'Share a Coke'

From today, our more beautiful logo is YOU!

  • Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 07/05/2013

A real turning point for the first time in 127 years the brand Coca-Cola gives way to the 150 most popular names in Italy, with a production  "dedicated" to Sicily!

The history of Coca-Cola is full of moments to remember and the 8th of May - the date of the 127th anniversary of the most famous drink in the world - is about to become one of them.
Thanks to the project "Share a Coke", the famous logo will be replaced by names, generic names and ways of saying the most widespread and popular among Italians, for a product hyper-personalized and all to share!

From May to August 2013, on the bottles of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light and Coca-Cola Zero will be printed the 150 most popular names in Italy among the youth population, with an ad-hoc production - designed and built specifically for Sicily .
"Coca-Cola, in this way, wanted to make a special gift to all his fans islanders, including in the program share a Coca-Cola also a selection of typical Sicilian names – as Agatha Gaetano, Vito and Rosaria" says Luca Busi, CEO of Sibeg - official Coca-Cola bottler for Sicily ". The idea was born from a desire to celebrate the traditions of this region and confirms, once again, the affection that the company has to Sicily."
The most fun game of next summer will be to seek, in the usual outlets, the packaging of Coca-Cola personalized with your own name, but also the one with the name or nickname of the best friend of one's love, or why not, of their mom or dad ... To share with "him / her" favorite beverage of the story.

Summer is the season of socializing and fun and the goal of Coca-Cola has always been to give moments of joy and happiness to live with friends and family. The invitation of Coca-Cola is the "sharing", because the summers best and most lasting affections always come from people sharing their emotions.

'Share a Coke'