• Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 02/03/2012

An exciting Super final saw the nineteen year old Finnish Roope Tonteri win the prestigious title of the Burn River Jump 2012, which took place in Livigno February 21st  to the 24th.
The Canadian Marc McMorris was proclaimed instead the Burn Jib Master thanks to a perfect 270 on 270 out switches hardway on the down rail.
The final night was lit up by fireworks and trick out of range; thousands of  spectators rushed  in to Mottolino Fun  Mountain to watch one of the most surprising events scheduled in Livigno.
On behalf of the Burn Units, top riders like Arthur Longo, Werni Stock, StaleSandbech and Ulrich Badertscher attended, and  along with them a Burn brand wildcar : The Italian riderMarco Grigis.
Burn is always looking for ideas to leave their mark in the field of snowboarding. The innovative style  and  unique format of the event combined with the creative passion of burn, are a winning and unique combination of its kind.
Burn Energy drink provides the charge and energy to those who want to leave the mark of creativity in the world.
Launched in the winter of 2009, the Burn Snow  project aims to  lay the foundations of  new, creative and innovative ideas within the snowboard community. The program aims to support new ideas, reward creativity and nurturing this mindset among snowboarders.

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