Sibeg case study for T.I.M.E.S.

  • Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 22/12/2011

The Etna Student Competition qualification TIMES is successfully completed, acronym for Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills. The largest and most prestigious case study competition in Europe, organized by ESTIEM since 1994, European network of Industrial Engineering Students who in this edition has among its partners Sibeg Srl, bottler of Coca-Cola products fo Sicily. The aim of the event was a simulated work environment in which students analyze a case study that presents a problem or opportunity of the company that sponsors the event,  and this year the subject of the challenge was the case study presented by Sibeg. To win the Etna contest was a women's team  "The O Team Small 1" made up by Germana Lena, Tamara Manele, Roberta Russo and Dorothy Guglielmino, having the first year, first level degree in industrial engineering from the University of Catania. The case presented by Sibeg required the best solution to optimize the process of monitoring of refrigerated equipment installed at the outlets of the distribution of Sicily. Le winning team elaborated a comprehensive solution which provides a system for real-time monitoring of refrigerator cabinets through a photo competition on social networks and the application of a sensor inside the refrigerator display cases to allow continuous monitoring of sales. The solution proposed by the woman’s team, although complex, impressed the judges and the management of Sibeg. At the presentation of the project, Natale Lia, general manager of Sibeg, congratulated the students underlining: "I thank you for the quality of the presentations and the enthusiasm shown, I'm sure you will go a long way despite the economic difficulties of the moment, indeed, are these are the moments where the best come out, keep up the good work ... ". Sibeg will sponsor the team from Catania to go to the European finals.

Sibeg case study for T.I.M.E.S.