The classic Coca-Cola contour bottle "embossed" is back.

  • Location: Catania
  • Category: News
  • Date: 12/10/2012

The classic embossed Coca-Cola 25 cl glass bottle is back to the market replacing  the logo printed one.
The new bottles, taking up the vintage style, are marked with the Coca-Cola logo as if it was sculpted on the glass.

The classic Coca-Cola embossed contour was created in 1916 and is still a symbol of innovation,
able to make the most famous soft drink in the world, immediately recognizable with a single glance.
The traditional contour bottle is universally recognized as a pioneering example of package that helped
the creation of a successful brand. Over the years, the bottle has far exceeded the simple function of "container"
becoming an icon for both cinema and the arts.

The classic Coca-Cola contour bottle "embossed" is back.