TRUSSARDI and Coca-Cola Italia Together

TRUSSARDI and Coca-Cola Italy together to dress Coca-Cola light and the iconic contour bottle of Coca-Cola, in the year of its centennial.

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  • Date: 15/06/2015

Trussardi, for more than 100 years a symbol of excellence, elegance and innovation Made in Italy, joins Coca-Cola, the largest beverage producer in the world, to realize projects in two exclusive limited edition.

Trussardi creativity meets Coca-Cola light which is the Coca-Cola most fashion and contemporary brand,  to create a limited edition titled "Elegantly Cool" made of three subject cans representing the symbol of the match between the refined elegance of Trussardi and the spirit of cool Coca-Cola light.

The creativity of the first two cans is the stylized Trussardi greyhound that appears in an ironic key in a mix of bright colors such as red Coca-Cola, acid green, purple and cherry.
The protagonist of the third graphic is the historic printing "lizard" Trussardi which, dressed in gold, stands on silver of the tin, recovering two recurring themes of the greyhound brand: the elegant combination of metal and the use of precious materials typical of leather .
Trussardi is also the first fashion brand to dress the iconic bottle of Coca-Cola: for the first time, Coca-Cola will be "dressed", to celebrate the first 100 years of glass contour bottle which helped make this famous brand worldwide. From the cooperation between two strong identity and great tradition realities born, a limited edition of two bottles, where red, brown and gold - symbolic colors of Coca-Cola the first, and the others of Trussardi - melt, giving a  stylish and ironic look to the bottle, thanks to the thumbnail of the Greyhound (Trussardi logo for over 40 years) played expertly on its silhouette.

Gaia Trussardi, Creative Director of Trussardi Group, comments: "We are delighted to extend our lifestyle to a global giant such as Coca-Cola. In particular way to be the first to dress Coca-Cola, a very famous brand all over the world thanks to its bottle known not only as an object of cult  but also as a universal graphic sign and celebrated in art, music, design and advertising . "

"Once again this year Coca-Cola strengthens the link with the world of fashion through an exceptional partnership, the one with the Trussardi fashion house: an Italian company highly prestigious, international symbol of Made in Italy excellence." Says Fabrizio Nucifora - Marketing Director Coca-Cola Italy "a collaboration strongly desired by both sides, which emphasizes at the same time the Italian character of Coca-Cola brand and the proximity of the excellence of our country.
Furthermore, if past forays of Coca-Cola light are already famous the world of fashion, 2015 will go down in history because, for the first time, a Maison dresses the contour bottle in the year of its centennial and in the year of Expo Milano 2015 ".

The two limited edition glass packs of Coca-Cola will be present in size of 330 ml Coca-Cola in the pavilion in Expo Milano 2015 and Trussardi Café from June to October 2015, and in size from 250 ml from August to September in the best stores of the Sicilian market.

The three Trussardi creations for Coca-Cola light will be available in the versions cans of 330 ml and bottle of 500 ml and 1.5 liter with unique graphic, from June until December 2015, through a wide and selected distribution network and in prestigious restaurants and cafes throughout Italy.

From June to December 2015, the co-operation  between Coca-Cola Light and Trussardi will also be amplified by an integrated marketing campaign and communication with events, social media activities and a special online photo contest that will invite users to interpret their idea of # ElegantlyCool with the opportunity to win exclusive prizes signed Trussardi.
The Trussardi’s graphics for Coca-Cola will decorate the prestigious department store “Coin” of Piazza Cinque Giornate in Milan that will see the Trussardi lifestyle as the main actor, in all its facets, for the entire month of June, both inside and on the windows of the mall.

TRUSSARDI and Coca-Cola Italia Together
  • TRUSSARDI and Coca-Cola Italia Together
  • TRUSSARDI and Coca-Cola Italia Together