1. Celebrate the Magic of Christmas: visit Coca-Cola Village!

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    Published: 10 Dicember 2012

    Celebrate the Magic of Christmas: visit Coca-Cola Village!

    Be surprised this year by Coca-Cola and don’t miss the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences: come and visit the big Coca-Cola truck, from which you can send your personalized greeting cards. Have fun with cool games organized for you and your family, share with them the joy and excitement meeting Santa Claus! We wait for you at the Christmas Coca-Cola Village in Sicily on the following dates: 18th  to 19th of  December at Etnapolis, Catania 20th to 22nd of  December at Le Porte di Catania 23rd  to 24th of  December  at Palermo Forum Read more

  2. Christmas 2012 Limited Edition

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    Published: 23 November 2012

    Christmas 2012 Limited Edition

    Santa Claus, created by illustrator H. Sundblom, returns to be the image of the limited edition bottles of Coca-Cola. You may find, only at Sicilian Ho.Re.Ca market point of sales, the new series of Coca-Cola Christmas bottles in 25 cl glass version  and in  500 ml Plastic bottle. A magical gift idea to collect! Read more

  3. About having dinner together!

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    Published: 30 October 2012

    About having dinner together!

    Chef Simone Rugiati has prepared many simple and tasty recipes for every occasion. Follow his advice on  YouTube tastier channel: discover the recipes video or listen to the  Kiss Kiss radio i podcasts of. Every day a new recipe for you! Click on the YouTube channel: Read more

  4. The classic Coca-Cola contour bottle "embossed" is back.

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    Published: 12 October 2012

    The classic Coca-Cola contour bottle "embossed" is back.

    The classic embossed Coca-Cola 25 cl glass bottle is back to the market replacing  the logo printed one. The new bottles, taking up the vintage style, are marked with the Coca-Cola logo as if it was sculpted on the glass.   The classic Coca-Cola embossed contour was created in 1916 and is still a symbol of innovation, able to make the most famous soft drink in the world, immediately recognizable with a single glance. The traditional contour bottle is universally recognized as a pioneering example of package that helped the creation of a successful brand. Over the years, the bottle has far exceeded the simple function of "container" becoming an icon for both... Read more

  5. Starts from the end of September the new Special Edition Coca-Cola!

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    Published: 21 September 2012

    Starts from the end of September the new Special Edition Coca-Cola!

    Floral, watercolor and pastel colors dress up the brand's most popular beverage in the world. This is the colorful collection of Coca-Cola 25cl glass bottles. The collection consists of 3 limited edition subject that you can find by the Sicilian Ho.Re.Ca. retails. Read more

  6. Sibeg launches in Sicily the limited edition Kinley Full Body Sleeve glass bottle.

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    Published: 27 August 2012

    Sibeg launches in Sicily the limited edition Kinley Full Body Sleeve glass bottle.

    Sibeg launches in Sicily the limited edition  Kinley Full Body Sleeve glass bottle. In the Tonic Water market, Sibeg offers  in Sicily a special edition bottle of Kinley:  it is a format of 20 cl glass, covered with a sleeving that makes the bottle unique and compelling. Kinley is a line of soft drinks ideal for long drinks and cocktails. You can find it on the Italian market in glass and can formats and in the two versions Tonic Water and Bitter Lemon flavor. With its characteristic bitter taste, Kinley is available in the best bars and nightclubs in Sicily. An elegant Full Body Sleeve glass format 20 cl dedicated to bars and nightclubs and a practical 33 cl size can... Read more

  7. About "Anywhere in the World" soundtrack of the 2012 Olympic Games

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    Published: 13 July 2012

    About "Anywhere in the World" soundtrack of the 2012 Olympic Games

    Mark Ronson has traveled the world to record they training of the athletes for the London 2012 Olympic Games; the sounds of their sports mixed with the voice of Katy B, have become "Anywhere in the World". The five Olympic athletes are: Kseniya Vdovina (Russia) - Athletics; dayyan Jaffar (Singapore) - Archery, Maria Espinoza (Mexico) - Taekwondo, David Oliver (USA) - Race to obstacles; Darius Knight (UK) - table tennis. The video was shot with an innovative technique, which for the first time ever, has made the consumer as the leading acotr: the shooting was carried out during a big event open to the public, during which athletes have performed on stage and viewers have... Read more

  8. At Auchan in July Fantastic watches!

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    Published: 10 July 2012

    At Auchan in July Fantastic watches!

    Only at hyper Auchan retails,  from  the 19th  to the  25th of July,  if you buy  8 bottles of 1.5 liters of Fanta and Sprite you will receive the fabulous Fanta wristwatch! So what are you waiting for? It’s the right time to take a break! And with Fanta your break takes taste! Read more

  9. Fanta: from May18th to June5th in Sicily ..... Guerrilla

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    Published: 31 May 2012

    Fanta: from May18th to June5th in Sicily ..... Guerrilla

    The end of May in Catania and Palermo, started the guerilla marketing campaign for Fanta, an activity aimed directly at teenagers (12 -19 years) that passes the message of the Break Time in an unconventional way. The activity consists of a distribution of Fanta One To One "courtesy notes". Fanta team, made of hostesses and stewards, awaits for you aboard  bike and sidecar,  near sport centers and seasideof the two sicilian cities, until May 31st in Palermo and in Catania  until June the 5th. . Read more

  10. Powerade ION4 partner of the Eolian Sailing Week.

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    Published: 3 April 2012

    Powerade ION4 partner of the Eolian Sailing Week.

    The island of Salina was identified as the best location for its position with respect to major Sicilian, Calabrian and Campania fleets, due to the constant presence of wind, to the splendid scenery of its coasts and to the quality of services offered to participants by the district. Given the organizational success of past years 60 boats have already registered, as many as the places available at the port of Santa Marina Salina; of these, 800 athletes will battle it out in 3 days of racing for the Italian Championship qualification. Among the most famous names are those of "Alvarosky", Grand Soleil 40 of Francesco  Siculiana, World and European champion and its twin... Read more


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    Published: 2 March 2012


    An exciting Super final saw the nineteen year old Finnish Roope Tonteri win the prestigious title of the Burn River Jump 2012, which took place in Livigno February 21st  to the 24th. The Canadian Marc McMorris was proclaimed instead the Burn Jib Master thanks to a perfect 270 on 270 out switches hardway on the down rail. The final night was lit up by fireworks and trick out of range; thousands of  spectators rushed  in to Mottolino Fun  Mountain to watch one of the most surprising events scheduled in Livigno. On behalf of the Burn Units, top riders like Arthur Longo, Werni Stock, StaleSandbech and Ulrich Badertscher attended, and  along with them a Burn brand... Read more

  12. Sibeg case study for T.I.M.E.S.

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    Published: 22 Dicember 2011

    Sibeg case study for T.I.M.E.S.

    The Etna Student Competition qualification TIMES is successfully completed, acronym for Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills. The largest and most prestigious case study competition in Europe, organized by ESTIEM since 1994, European network of Industrial Engineering Students who in this edition has among its partners Sibeg Srl, bottler of Coca-Cola products fo Sicily. The aim of the event was a simulated work environment in which students analyze a case study that presents a problem or opportunity of the company that sponsors the event,  and this year the subject of the challenge was the case study presented by Sibeg. To win the Etna contest was a women's team ... Read more