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  1. FUZETEA. Il tè può ancora sorprenderti.

    Category: News

    Published: 15 May 2018

    FUZETEA. Il tè può ancora sorprenderti.

    La magia del lancio di un prodotto completamente nuovo. La creazione di FUZETEA Read more

  2. SIBEG - consumption and water purchase

    Category: Press release

    Published: 3 April 2017

    SIBEG - consumption and water purchase

    Water for Sibeg is very important, and of course the Company is fully aware of the importance of the resource with a lifelong commitment to limit the impact on the water basin. Sibeg has a very dense level of certifications to ensure quality, safety and environment specific audits by: • ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 - FSSC 22000 (Food Quality and Safety) • ISO 14001 (Environment) • OHSAS 18001 (Safety) Sibeg uses drinking water supplied directly from Sidra S.p.A. (Environmental Services Idrici), which distributes drinking water throughout the territory of the city of Catania. The total expenditure which the company claims is derived in part by  consumption and... Read more

  3. Coca-Cola launches WOAH, App website designed for young people

    Category: Press release

    Published: 2 March 2017

    Coca-Cola launches WOAH, App website designed for young people

    Live streaming of events and the opportunity to access exclusive experience, interactive elements and thematic headings of articles, photos and videos ... All with the aim of sharing stories, opinions and experiences, told by young  for young! Whether centennials (aged 13 and 19 years) or millennials (20-35 years), young people are hungry for digital content and they never separate from their phones. it is sufficient to say that 94% of teenagers between 16 and 24 use the mobile Internet and spend about 5 hours a day connected *, which is half of their day; 3 hours only on the smartphone, compared to slightly more than two and a half hours spent in front of the TV. Teenagers... Read more

  4. New Coca-Cola Life

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    Published: 27 February 2017

    New Coca-Cola Life

    NEW COCA-COLA LIFE. FROM NOW WITH 50% LESS CALORIES. Out now the new Coca-Cola Life, now with 50% fewer calories * .With sugar and stevia leaf extract *!. • thanks to  50% less  of sugar  than most of the sweetened cola beverages in Italy, with steviol glycosides sweetener. Read more

  5. Corriere della Sera 24th of October

    Category: Press

    Published: 25 October 2016

    Corriere della Sera 24th of October

    The changing of the guard of the Sicilian companies stands for innovation and dynamism. The success of Arema, Brumi and Sibeg  Read more


    Category: News

    Published: 12 September 2016


    Come to celebrate the street basketball, and to find out more about the refreshing  truth of Sprite The appointment is: Friday, September 16, from 15:00 in Piazza dell'Università- Catania For you  lot of  unmissable  surprises and Marco Belinelli,  the Italian legend of the  international basketball.   Read more

  7. Coca-Cola and PINKO 2016 Limited Edition.

    Category: News

    Published: 8 September 2016

    Coca-Cola and PINKO 2016 Limited Edition.

    This year, Coca-Cola amazes meeting the Made in Italy elegance of PINKO and creating a new limited edition dedicated to the fans. Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola light bottles signed by PINKO  will be available for a limited time only. The co-operation between PINKO and Coca-Cola is characterized by the uniqueness of Coca-Cola, always able to make special every moment- adapting to the tastes, lifestyle and choices of all consumers- and thanks to the unmistakable contemporary and eclectic style of PINKO.  Floral, Bubble and Paisley are the patterns that tell the collaboration and that characterize the collection. The pack involved by the limited edition are: -Coca-Cola light: in can... Read more

  8. There is a novelty in the Coca-Cola family: is Coca-Cola Life!

    Category: News

    Published: 22 February 2016

    There is a novelty in the Coca-Cola family: is Coca-Cola Life!

    It has been announced earlier this year that 2016 would be a year full of news for Coca-Cola Italia. And today the arrival of Coca-Cola Life is a confirmation of. Coca-Cola Life is the newest member of the Coca-Cola family that has captured the natural sweetness found in the stevia leaf (sweetener steviol glycosides) and sugar, combined with other ingredients such as natural flavours, providing a unique taste with reduced calorie*.    To enhance this revolutionary drink, Coca-Cola has chosen to implement a distinctive green packaging. "The new born is the result of Coca-Cola constant search to respond to the demands and expectations of its consumers."... Read more

  9. "Taste The Feeling": Coca-Cola new global campaign.

    Category: News

    Published: 17 February 2016

    "Taste The Feeling": Coca-Cola new global campaign.

    For the first time ever, all Coca-Cola brands will be brought together under a single global creative campaign. The new "one brand" approach has been developed to extend to Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life the iconic appeal of the brand number one in the world. "Taste the feeling" will adopt a universal method to describe and explain the concepts, placing the product at the center of everything, to reflect the functional and emotional aspects of the experience offered by Coca-Cola. The campaign -being launched worldwide during the 2016- uses a storytelling to tell authentic stories and experiences, to celebrate what you feel when you try drinking a... Read more

  10. Catania Today 28th October 2015

    Category: Press

    Published: 29 October 2015

    Catania Today 28th October 2015

    Presented in the Town Hall the informative-cutural project path with thirteen totems created by the department Decoro Urbano, with the cc-operation of Culture, and made with Sibeg Coca-Cola through sponsorship. Read more

  11. L’Indipendente 25th of Ottober 2015

    Category: Press

    Published: 26 October 2015

    L’Indipendente 25th of Ottober 2015

    The new section "Stories and Characters" starts with the interview with Luca Busi. Luca Busi’s  interview, one of the largest business owners in South of Italy, opens  the section of The Independent web TV  'Stories and Characters'. The on fo Busi is a symbolic story: from Bologna to Catania, the story of an industrial group of the north who chose Catania to do business and create technological and productive innovations. Sibeg invoices more than 107 million euros, employs more than 330 people directly in the industrial area of Catania, and more than a thousand indirectly. The forty years old Busi tells about economics of Catania and Sicily, youth,... Read more

  12. Quotidiano di Sicilia 17th October 2015

    Category: Press

    Published: 19 October 2015

    Quotidiano di Sicilia 17th October 2015

    A multinational rooted in the territory. Busi guest of QoS for the 2751 ° forum with Number One.   What effect has the crisis on the company? "Today we can say we have already overcome the crisis. We entered boldly in 2011, when we pushed the accelerator to the important investment called Tetris, on the production, investing 30 million Euros.” Read more