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    Published: 24 January 2013


    Sixty thousand cans of Coca-Cola per hour, eight million  cases of 24 cans each per year, more than 12 million euro investment. This is the new bet of Sibeg, bottler and distributor of "The Coca-Cola Company" products  on the island, which has opened a new production line. Read more

  2. Online the winner video of the Burn 2012 Video Remix Competition!

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    Published: 17 January 2013

    Online the winner video of the Burn 2012 Video Remix Competition!

    Burn Video Remix, the competition launched between last October and November which counted over 20 disco-bar participants, has come to an end. We have collected over 1.400 video but only one has done it: click the link and watch the video and photos of the winning prize trip. Burn has raffled off a trip to Amsterdam for the winner and her friends. A unique experience in one of the European music capital. Read more

  3. Celebrate the Magic of Christmas: visit Coca-Cola Village!

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    Published: 10 Dicember 2012

    Celebrate the Magic of Christmas: visit Coca-Cola Village!

    Be surprised this year by Coca-Cola and don’t miss the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences: come and visit the big Coca-Cola truck, from which you can send your personalized greeting cards. Have fun with cool games organized for you and your family, share with them the joy and excitement meeting Santa Claus! We wait for you at the Christmas Coca-Cola Village in Sicily on the following dates: 18th  to 19th of  December at Etnapolis, Catania 20th to 22nd of  December at Le Porte di Catania 23rd  to 24th of  December  at Palermo Forum Read more

  4. Christmas 2012 Limited Edition

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    Published: 23 November 2012

    Christmas 2012 Limited Edition

    Santa Claus, created by illustrator H. Sundblom, returns to be the image of the limited edition bottles of Coca-Cola. You may find, only at Sicilian Ho.Re.Ca market point of sales, the new series of Coca-Cola Christmas bottles in 25 cl glass version  and in  500 ml Plastic bottle. A magical gift idea to collect! Read more

  5. About having dinner together!

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    Published: 30 October 2012

    About having dinner together!

    Chef Simone Rugiati has prepared many simple and tasty recipes for every occasion. Follow his advice on  YouTube tastier channel: discover the recipes video or listen to the  Kiss Kiss radio i podcasts of. Every day a new recipe for you! Click on the YouTube channel: Read more

  6. The classic Coca-Cola contour bottle "embossed" is back.

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    Published: 12 October 2012

    The classic Coca-Cola contour bottle "embossed" is back.

    The classic embossed Coca-Cola 25 cl glass bottle is back to the market replacing  the logo printed one. The new bottles, taking up the vintage style, are marked with the Coca-Cola logo as if it was sculpted on the glass.   The classic Coca-Cola embossed contour was created in 1916 and is still a symbol of innovation, able to make the most famous soft drink in the world, immediately recognizable with a single glance. The traditional contour bottle is universally recognized as a pioneering example of package that helped the creation of a successful brand. Over the years, the bottle has far exceeded the simple function of "container" becoming an icon for both... Read more

  7. Starts from the end of September the new Special Edition Coca-Cola!

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    Published: 21 September 2012

    Starts from the end of September the new Special Edition Coca-Cola!

    Floral, watercolor and pastel colors dress up the brand's most popular beverage in the world. This is the colorful collection of Coca-Cola 25cl glass bottles. The collection consists of 3 limited edition subject that you can find by the Sicilian Ho.Re.Ca. retails. Read more

  8. Sibeg launches in Sicily the limited edition Kinley Full Body Sleeve glass bottle.

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    Published: 27 August 2012

    Sibeg launches in Sicily the limited edition Kinley Full Body Sleeve glass bottle.

    Sibeg launches in Sicily the limited edition  Kinley Full Body Sleeve glass bottle. In the Tonic Water market, Sibeg offers  in Sicily a special edition bottle of Kinley:  it is a format of 20 cl glass, covered with a sleeving that makes the bottle unique and compelling. Kinley is a line of soft drinks ideal for long drinks and cocktails. You can find it on the Italian market in glass and can formats and in the two versions Tonic Water and Bitter Lemon flavor. With its characteristic bitter taste, Kinley is available in the best bars and nightclubs in Sicily. An elegant Full Body Sleeve glass format 20 cl dedicated to bars and nightclubs and a practical 33 cl size can... Read more


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    Published: 27 July 2012


    STARTS 'STU PREZZU TALIA', THE SICILIAN COMMUNICATION PLAN FOR SUMMER 2012     Catania, 17TH OF July 2012 - SIBEG, bottler and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company for the region, outlined today the main economic results of the semester of 2012 that demonstrate the effectiveness of price-cutting campaign launched in April. Simultaneously, along with Coca-Cola Italia, it has been  officially presented  "Talia stu prezzu!", the communication plan dedicated to Sicily for summer 2012. PRICES CUTTING CAMPAIGN IMPACT The campaign of 'affordable prices' launched last April has seen a growth in the two months from May to June 2012... Read more


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    Published: 26 July 2012


    Coca-Cola unveils an intense program of activities to excite, engage and inspire the public before and during the highly anticipated sporting event, the shout of "Move to the Beat - Move to the rhythm of London 2012" From over 80 years, Coca-Cola supports the international Olympic movement, and shares the positive values, as signs of involvement and passion for the sport A celebration with whom Coca-Cola contributes concretely demonstrating its commitment to make a difference in a positive way in all the communities in which it operates Milan, July 2012 - On the occasion of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola - as an official partner - reveals a wide range... Read more

  11. La Sicilia- 23rd of July

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    Published: 23 July 2012

    La Sicilia- 23rd of July

    Sibeg will invest within 2013,  10 million euros in new production lines and environmental awareness. More attention to the environment and a new line of cans.  To launch its investment plan -which started in 2009 with a budget of 28 million euros, and should be completed by 2013, with the remaining 10 million euros to invest in advertising and new bottling lines -Sibeg points on the territory . Read more

  12. La Repubblica - Palermo 18th July 2012

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    Published: 18 July 2012

    La Repubblica - Palermo 18th July 2012

    The company has created a slogan in dialect to tempt customers of the island. The business plan includes an investment of 9.7 million euros in the region. The world's most famous bubbles don’t seem suffering  the crisis in Sicily. This is what appears from the economical results  confirmed by Sibeg, The Coca-Cola Company official bottler and distributor of  the region ....... Read more