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    Published: 2 March 2012


    An exciting Super final saw the nineteen year old Finnish Roope Tonteri win the prestigious title of the Burn River Jump 2012, which took place in Livigno February 21st  to the 24th. The Canadian Marc McMorris was proclaimed instead the Burn Jib Master thanks to a perfect 270 on 270 out switches hardway on the down rail. The final night was lit up by fireworks and trick out of range; thousands of  spectators rushed  in to Mottolino Fun  Mountain to watch one of the most surprising events scheduled in Livigno. On behalf of the Burn Units, top riders like Arthur Longo, Werni Stock, StaleSandbech and Ulrich Badertscher attended, and  along with them a Burn brand... Read more

  2. Sibeg case study for T.I.M.E.S.

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    Published: 22 Dicember 2011

    Sibeg case study for T.I.M.E.S.

    The Etna Student Competition qualification TIMES is successfully completed, acronym for Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills. The largest and most prestigious case study competition in Europe, organized by ESTIEM since 1994, European network of Industrial Engineering Students who in this edition has among its partners Sibeg Srl, bottler of Coca-Cola products fo Sicily. The aim of the event was a simulated work environment in which students analyze a case study that presents a problem or opportunity of the company that sponsors the event,  and this year the subject of the challenge was the case study presented by Sibeg. To win the Etna contest was a women's team ... Read more


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    Published: 21 Dicember 2011


    Milan, November 2011. Powerade launched in Italy Powerade ION4 sports drink with a new formula. The isotonic sports drink wil be used by elite athletes to prepare for the London Olympic Games in 2012. Powerade ION4 was developed by sports scientists, hydrates better than water and helps you give the maximum and longer. Powerade ION4 contains liquids and 4 of the minerals lost through sweat (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) which are lost through sweat, to give an efficient hydration and a combination of carbohydrates to quickly give back energy that the body loses during exercise. Research has shown that just drinking water during or after intense exercise is not the ideal way... Read more

  4. The touch of Coca-Cola Light to Sicilian summers

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    Published: 21 Dicember 2011

    The touch of Coca-Cola Light to Sicilian summers

    The appointment with the spring-summer season opens with the most fashionable Light taste of Coca-Cola. After the success of last year all over Italy, on television and on the streets from early May until September, the super stylish "Puppets", the undisputed queens of the new campaign Coca-Cola Light. Launched in Italy in 1991 and centered on a young and exciting target, Coca-Cola Light  is perfectly  matched to women and even more to fashion and is the ideal drink for those who drink in style. If all of Italy in the period from May to September devoted to the "stylish Puppets" extensive attention, the hot month of July, Sicily is also very light, with many... Read more

  5. Economic and employment report

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    Published: 21 Dicember 2011

    Economic and employment report

    Economic report 2011 Today Sibeg Srl bottles and distributes its  The Coca-Cola Company brand products in Sicily and confirms its position of undisputed leadership. 2010 has again reported a positive result for the company with a 2010 turnover of 113 million, + 4.1% vs.2009. Also significant was the increase in EBIT (net operating profit from operations) 8.4  million euros in 2010, + 31.7% vs 2009. Financial report for the first half of 2011 The first half of 2011 reflects the economic difficulties that characterize the national economy in general and our Sicilian economy in particular. Therefore, the sales value is little over 48 million euros (- 3.9% over the same period... Read more


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    Published: 7 Dicember 2011


    Le Ciminiere Exhibition Centre 25/27 November 2012. Sibeg, can confirm its presence in one of the most anticipated events of the vending industry: the Expo Vending Sud The show now in its third edition is scheduled for November 25 to 27 at the Trade Fair Centre Le Ciminiere of Catania. The presence at the Expo Vending is an excellent opportunity to display our news and special offers in terms of formats developed specifically for the vending industry. New this year presenting the 33cl PET Coca-Cola bottle; we also offer a wide choice in terms of flavors and packaging, ranging from dedicated 33cl format cans to the half-liter bottle with the 3-colas Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light and... Read more

  7. “Sibeg for you”

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    Published: 7 Dicember 2011

    “Sibeg for you”

    Sibeg pays great attention to its resources and has already implemented many activities aimed at reconciling work and private life. Born in 2009, the project "Sibeg for You!" has established initiatives to his credit of which the employees have been and will continue to enjoy. From services to save time - for example through the processing and payment utilities - to facilitate transfers - with a pick up service - to and from the airport. Initiatives to save money - with concession of loans and insurance deductible from the payroll without interest - Local Shopping and facilitating the purchase of goods and services through agreements with insurance companies, car dealerships and... Read more

  8. Giornale di Sicilia

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    Published: 17 November 2011

    Giornale di Sicilia

    The commissioner Centirrino goes to high school Cutelli. Harsh criticism from Castiglione and Sibeg. Read more

  9. La Repubblica

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    Published: 11 November 2011

    La Repubblica

    No Coca-Cola at  Recess   Sibeg: "It’s'discriminatory' Read more

  10. Sibeg "dresses" the history of Coca-Cola with the new limited edition full body sleeves exclusively for Sicily.

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    Published: 14 July 2011

    Sibeg "dresses" the history of Coca-Cola with the new limited edition full body sleeves exclusively for Sicily.

    The Contour Bottle is the hub of all the images that fall under the new platform of communication activities of Coca-Cola. On this line Sibeg continues its tradition of creating exclusive new "sleeve rata" dedicated to 125 years of Coca-Cola. Three subjects were created for this Limited edition, produced and distributed by Sibeg, which in their graphics invoke the historical evolution of the Coca-Cola bottle, up to the present and now legendary Contour. The first bottle in his graphic recalls the "Hutchinson" of 1899 and the second is the "Straight Wall" in 1900 and to end with the “Samuelson” of 1915. The three graphics are of the evergreen... Read more

  11. Largo Consumo

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    Published: 1 May 2011

    Largo Consumo

    In Sicily, more strength to Coca-Cola… Read more

  12. Cult

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    Published: 1 April 2011


    Luca Busi. A city live with bubbles… Read more