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  1. Giornale di Sicilia

    Category: Press

    Published: 17 November 2011

    Giornale di Sicilia

    The commissioner Centirrino goes to high school Cutelli. Harsh criticism from Castiglione and Sibeg. Read more

  2. La Repubblica

    Category: Press

    Published: 11 November 2011

    La Repubblica

    No Coca-Cola at  Recess   Sibeg: "It’s'discriminatory' Read more

  3. Sibeg "dresses" the history of Coca-Cola with the new limited edition full body sleeves exclusively for Sicily.

    Category: Press release

    Published: 14 July 2011

    Sibeg "dresses" the history of Coca-Cola with the new limited edition full body sleeves exclusively for Sicily.

    The Contour Bottle is the hub of all the images that fall under the new platform of communication activities of Coca-Cola. On this line Sibeg continues its tradition of creating exclusive new "sleeve rata" dedicated to 125 years of Coca-Cola. Three subjects were created for this Limited edition, produced and distributed by Sibeg, which in their graphics invoke the historical evolution of the Coca-Cola bottle, up to the present and now legendary Contour. The first bottle in his graphic recalls the "Hutchinson" of 1899 and the second is the "Straight Wall" in 1900 and to end with the “Samuelson” of 1915. The three graphics are of the evergreen... Read more

  4. Largo Consumo

    Category: Press

    Published: 1 May 2011

    Largo Consumo

    In Sicily, more strength to Coca-Cola… Read more

  5. Cult

    Category: Press

    Published: 1 April 2011


    Luca Busi. A city live with bubbles… Read more

  6. Sibeg : Mini can, great launch

    Category: Press release

    Published: 8 March 2011

    Sibeg : Mini can, great launch

    What better way to celebrate your 125 years if you do not dress in a contemporary new packaging and in step with the times? A new format launched recently , exclusively for Sicily and by Sibeg, 15 cl mini cans format; "cool" and handy, ideal for "mini breaks" wherever and whenever you like, that meets the needs of the consumer in a new and modern way, and that will enrich the assortment of Coca-Cola. The launch involves over 1000 properties of GDO, including Hyper, Superstore and Superette, within which the consumer can buy a pack of 12 mini cans to make those quick breaks even more tasty and unique. Colored and modern materials, in line with the spirit of the new pack... Read more

  7. Mark Up

    Category: Press

    Published: 1 March 2011

    Mark Up

    Sibeg grows and continues in industrial investment plan… Read more

  8. Coca-Cola Made in SIcily

    Category: Press

    Published: 24 February 2011

    Coca-Cola Made in SIcily

    Sibeg is an accomplished company that… Read more

  9. La Sicilia

    Category: Press

    Published: 28 January 2011

    La Sicilia

    Coca-Cola “rewards” Sibeg… Read more

  10. Giornale di Sicilia - Sibeg Beats the Crisis

    Category: Press

    Published: 28 January 2011

    Giornale di Sicilia - Sibeg Beats the Crisis

    Sibeg Beats the Crisis: increasing turnover and labor force ... Read more

  11. NewsFood

    Category: Press

    Published: 27 January 2011


    2010 Historical for Sibeg… Read more

  12. Coca-Cola celebrates its first 125 years

    Category: Press release

    Published: 13 January 2011

    Coca-Cola celebrates its first 125 years

    Everything is ready to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the most popular soft drink in the world! This is the heart of the celebration: thanks to all those who made this success possible, from employees to consumers who have loved since this brand day one and have helped make it famous around the world. Our desire is to continue to be a source of inspiration and positivity. This anniversary allows us to bring back the memory of all the great heritage of joy and optimism that we have built during these 125 years of history and renew our commitment to continue to create and share moments of happiness all over the world. Coca-Cola was born on 8 May 1886 and since then has remained the... Read more