History of a Sicilian miracle

Founded by Sicilian entrepreneurs in 1959, who operated in the pharmaceutical field, Sibeg SRL inaugurated the Catania plant on May 28, 1960 which at the time counted only 25 employees and just 8 vehicles.



Sibeg is the authorized Sicilian bottler in charge of the production and marketing of The Coca-Cola Company drinks and of all activities of marketing and advertising in the region of Sicily, actively contributing to the maintenance and development of Coca-Cola brand products.


Head office

Our production plant offers innovative technological solutions in order to ensure the maintenance of high quality standards.


Plants Visits

Sibeg opens the doors of the establishment to the Sicilian students of secondary schools of first and second degree -ages 12.

Work with us

Sibeg has always aimed toward the excellence of the People who operate in each level of the organization. We are convinced that only through the continuous improvement of professionalism and the valorization of individual diversities, we can obtain the trust and satisfaction of consumers and the success of out Business.