Work with us

Motivation and ability to work in a team are the characteristics we look for in the people who wish to be a part of Sibeg. Each area of the company, every function and every person plays a determining role for the achievement of set objectives. Attract, recruit and developing personnel with the highest potentials, abilities and aptitudes is the fundamental driver for the company in order to support Sibeg in reaching its trategic goals.


Sibeg collaborates with the world of Sicilian Universities and promotes initiatives aimed at training qualified professionals, able to give an immediate application of the knowledge  acquired in the concrete business operating realities.
The Internship Project is mainly addressed to the brilliant new-graduates from Economics, Engineering and Sciences and Food Technologies who are driven by a desire to get in the game ad welcome important challenges. Every year we activate internships in the different areas of the company: Marketing, Sales Analysis, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and security. The interns, for a maximum period of 6 months, will actively participate in the life of the company, and assisted by an internal tutor, following projects specific to the area in which they are, in agreement with the educational project shared with the Faculty of origin.
The internship  is not finalized with hiring, but we are sure that is the selection tool for the insertion of new graduates in the company; from 2006, 30% of internships turned into work opportunities.