Sibeg is the authorized Sicilian bottler in charge of the production and marketing of The Coca-Cola Company drinks and of all activities of marketing and advertising in the region of Sicily, actively contributing to the maintenance and development of Coca-Cola brand products.
In Italy the Coca-Cola system is made up of The Coca-Cola Company, that manages the marketing and advertising of its own brand and of two bottlers: Coca-Cola HBC Italia for Italy and Sibeg for Sicily.


Our "Mission"

"To offer Sicilian consumers the right drinks at the right moment, place and price, operating with effectiveness and efficiency, creating value for the local economy."

"Sibeg team, thanks to the commitment, determination and passion that every day brings in the company, aims to become the "Gazelle" reference for the entire Coca-Cola system in Italy"


Our "Vision"

"To be leader in the drinks market in Sicily for market presence and knowledge, distribution network, ability to develop business opportunities, innovation and environmental awareness, and to the growth of human resources, producing in respect to quality standards at the lowest possible cost."