Stabilimento di PalermoSibeg was founded in 1960 through the work of local entrepreneurs already occupied in the pharmaceutical sector. The company in a short time knows a strong expansion in the area: in 1970 already has 3 manufacturing plants - Catania, Palermo and Siracusa - and 9 warehouse. But the severe economic crisis of 1972 which affects Italy, does not spare even the Sicilian company that is sold to the subsidiary management Gepi.

Sibeg in 1976 is detected by the Busi Group (already Coca-Cola bottler of the regions Marche and Romagna) invited by The Coca-Cola Company. In 1991, Maria Cristina Busi Elmi become CEO of Sibeg: the same year in which it is launched Coca-Cola light, low-calorie beverage.

Stabilimento di Catania In 2001 the company takes the generational change: Maria Cristina becomes president of Sibeg leaving the CEO chair to Luca Busi. Sales volumes from 2001 to 2009 grew by more than 3 million cases and the number of employees from 174 to 253: an increase of 38%.

On 28th of May 2016 Sibeg celebrates its 56 years anniversary. The company currently holds more than 62% in the market value of carbonated drinks in Sicily, reaches with Sales Executive about 15.000 point of sales with a portfolio of over 500 customers spread across the different channels (Modern , Discount, Traditional, Horeca and Vending channel), being able to claim the distinction in quench and refresh 5 million Sicilian consumers. Sibeg team, thanks to commitment, determination and passion has the goal of becoming the "Gazelle" reference for the entire Coca-Cola system in Italy: agile and fast in the execution of plans, best in class in execution, ensuring the development of the full potential of its customers, in terms of offering variety and price.

Imbottigliamento Despite the continuing suffering of the market in Italy and Sicily, Sibeg in recent years poses a major target for growth in terms of volumes, turnover and market share. In the company's priorities, alongside the strengthening in 2016 of OBPPC (the commercial offer strategy for consumers and consumption occasion) and the subsequent continuation of the anti-crisis plan, joins the Archimedes project aimed at developing the full potential per customer, with the implementation of the dedicated plans, starting from the identification of a reduced presence of Coca-Cola products customers, and continuing with the identification of 'levers' key to activate to improve their performance.

Produzione Recent innovations relate the product terms of brand and format, but also of formula and graphics: after the arrival of Coca-Cola Life and Monster Energy (with new flavors Ultra White and Red), 2017 opens its doors Coca-Cola lemon, the new Coca-Cola lemon-flavored sugar-free and calories-free. Just for Sicily remember the launch of Cappy Pulpy, orange-flavored drink with pulp, followed by peach and pink grapefruit variant flavours. And yet the news on the pack: alongside the new glass sizes 33cl and PET 90cl bottles launched on the market in the last two years, the news of the year – again, exclusively for Sicily - dedicated to the Horeca channel, the launch of the VAR 1L of Coca-Cola Zero, while for the GDO, the 20clx4 can formats (available as Coca-Cola Original taste, Coca-Cola Zero and Fanta), Fanta bi-pack pet L1,5x2 bottle and finally cluster can 50clx4, spacially for the to the Discount channel. 1L bottle of Powerade will also see a major restyling: a better, more practical and manageable pack dedicated to sports. Born in 2017 and once again only for the Sicilians wholesalers, a new packaging, dedicated to glass pack of 20cl, 25cl and 33c, designed to highlight the value and encourage a better service in terms of logistics: the actual case is replaced by a sleeker and more durable cardboard material with custom graphics. News also on product formulas, like the new Coca-Cola Life today with 50% fewer calories thanks to the extract of stevia leaves and Coca-Cola Zero with the new improved taste; Sprite is renewed as well, more cooling performance thanks to reduced sugar content.

Finally, the big news of 2017 nationally is Masterbrand, significant change in strategy that tends to identify the multiple variants of Coca-Cola with a single brand: the key element of the new graphic is the 'rising disk' that becomes the guide common for all variants, facilitating their choice within the category and renewing the label: a new look, the unique taste of all time, choose your favorite Coca-Cola.