Opens its doors to students

Sibeg opens the doors of the establishment to the Sicilian students of secondary schools of first and second degree -ages 12 and up- dedicating to them an educative-experiential program, aimed at teaching young people on importance of sport and movement.

The program visit@sibeg provides a comprehensive tour of the production plant, form the production lines for blowing, to bottling lines and packaging (PET, vap, drums and cans) to the areas of quality control, syrup room, water treatment and WWT.

The visit to the factory is functional also to raise awareness of the The Coca-Cola Company brand products, with an overview of the organoleptic characteristics, properties and nutritional values ​​of each individual drink.

As part of the educational and experiential, special attention is paid to promoting among children of a healthy and active lifestyle. Coca-Cola Italy has always invested a lot of resources in the importance of sport and movement.

At the end of the visit, all students will receive a a booklet containing, the history of Sibeg, basic information about the plant and an overview of the products, the brochure “Il gusto di vivere bene”, made in collaboration with the Nutrition Foundation of Italy , a practical book that wants to raise awareness among young readers about the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Schools may require information or book own visit by calling +39.095.5238352 or writing an e-mail to