Opens its doors to students

Sibeg opens the doors of its plant to the middle and high schools Sicilian students from 12 years old upwards.

The program visit@sibeg provides a complete tour of the production plant, from the production and bottling lines, to the Quality control laboratory and water treatment (WWT), passing through the Syrup Room, place where the famous 'secret formula' is perfectly mixed giving the unmistakable taste to all our products.

The plant visit is also functional to make known The Coca-Cola Company brand products, the history of Sibeg and Coca-Cola. As part of the educational-experiential path, special attention is given to the presentation of our Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability projects, raising young people's awareness of the respect for the environment and for the values of social inclusion.

At the end of the plant visit, all students will receive a booklet containing a summary of all topics covered during the visit, in addition to the Sibeg history.

Schools may require information or book own visit by calling +39.095.5238352 or writing an e-mail to