Coca-Cola to Expo Milano 2015: Innovation and Sustainability.

If you think that in 1893, just seven years after its invention, Coca-Cola was already present at the World's Fair in Chicago, we understand how strong and deep bond is between the company and the Universal Expositions. Moreover, Coca-Cola has always been naturally inclined to events that aggregate people, and the Expo is an excellent example. The first documented presence at an Expo official was at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago in 1933, where it was unveiled to the world the first distributor on tap. The last in order of time is the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, with a Corporate Pavilion that has "spread happiness" to visitors: it was called, in fact, Happiness Factory.
Here we are in Expo Milano 2015: while the city is preparing to welcome 20 million people from all around the world, in the exhibition area works began for the construction of the Coca-Cola Pavilion, which will tell the heritage and vision of the company, in line with the theme of the Universal  Expo: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". A journey to accomplish with all five senses, discovering the sustainability model of Coca-Cola, based on the promotion of active lifestyles and balanced nutrition, product innovation and packaging and environmental protection .

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

"The theme of Expo 2015 is the search for a balance between the need for food and human resources available" recalled Kim Alexander, General Manager of Coca-Cola for Expo 2015. "Coca-Cola has always worked to create stronger communities, healthy and active and for environmental protection, thanks to the cooperation model that we called "golden triangle" because it is based on the collaboration between institutions, private companies and civil society. "
By virtue of its global commitment to innovation and to the goal of sustainable growth, Expo 2015 chose Coca-Cola also as Official Soft Drink Partner.

A journey to discover the world Coca-Cola

Inside the Pavilion visitors will discover - as protagonists - the world of Coca-Cola through a journey that tells the company's values into three sections: local, to witness the strong roots of Coca-Cola in the territory in which it operates; energy balance, to find out the company's commitment to the promotion of an active lifestyle, through concrete initiatives to promote physical activity and a balanced diet; sustainability, to learn about the commitment of Coca-Cola in the reduction of the environmental impact of its products and its business.

The second life of the Pavilion after Expo: recyclable and reusable

The pavilion itself of Coca-Cola will be a summary of the model's sustainability, which resulted in the adoption of techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly and in the definition, already in the design phase, its destination at the end of 'Universal Exposition. Already conceived with the width of a basketball court, at the end of the exposure the Pavilion will indeed rebuilt to become a covered space for the benefit of the local community, where you can practice physical activity.

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Coca-Cola to Expo Milano 2015: Innovation and Sustainability.
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  • Padiglione Coca-Cola