Our drinks have the aim of satisfying different tastes and needs. Every day Italians choose among The Coca-Cola Company products and we want to make such a choice unique and stimulating, so that everyone may have the drink they prefer according to the different moments of the day and lifestyle.


Taste and consumer demands evolve continuously. Fashion, trends, styles of life keep changing. And Coca-Cola is always ready to take on a new, exciting challenge

Sparkling drinks

Sprkling drinks brand

The Coca-Cola Company have unique tastes, to hydrate and cool off at any time of day and in every occasion of life, making the choice that best suits your needs.

Still drinks

When cool, when taking a break from work, when they relax at the bar with friends, the Italians want the best. Whether it's a non-carbonated drink or an iced tea, it does not matter. The important thing is that, to hydrate, drink and refresh themselves, they are spoiled for choice.