Coca-Cola light

Coca-Cola light was launched in Italy in 1991 and is the ideal drink for who wants to drink with taste and lightness, without having to give up the sparkling pleasure, the charge and values of the world of Coca-Cola.

You can find Coca-Cola light in the classic glass bottle to lose, in cans, in PET bottles and in the bag in box postmix formats.


Water, carbon dioxide, coloring E 150d, acidifier phosphoric acid, sweeteners  aspartame and acesulfame K, flavorings (including caffeine), acidity regulator sodium citrate. Contains a source of phenylalanine.
Each pack contains, in a comprehensive manner, the ingredients and nutritional information characteristic for each drink


  • VAP L 0,25

  • PET L 0,50

  • PET L 0,90

  • PET L 1,5

  • CAN L 0,33