Coca-Cola Zero

Coca-Cola Zero: Coca-Cola taste, zero sugar.
Coca-Cola Zero, after being launched with success it also reached Italy in 2007.
Coca-Cola confirms like this the will to follow the objective of developing light products, to allow consumers to choose the drink most suitable to their lifestyle.

You can find Coca-Cola Zero in cans, in glass bottles and in PET and in the bag in box postmix format.


Water, carbon dioxide, coloring 150d, sweeteners sodium cyclamate, acesulfame K and aspartame, acidifier phosphoric acid, flavorings (including caffeine), acidity regulator sodium citrate. Contains a source of phenylalanine.

Each pack contains, in a comprehensive manner, the ingredients and nutritional information characteristic for each drink


  • VAP L 0,25

  • VAP L 0,33

  • VAR L 1

  • PET L 0,50

  • PET L 0,90

  • PET L 1,5

  • PET L 1,75

  • CAN L 0,15

  • CAN L 0,33

  • CAN L 0,50

  • PET L 0,33