Kinley is a line of soft drinks ideal for preparing drinks and cocktails. It is present in the Italian market in Tonic Water and in  Bitter Lemon versions.
Kinley Tonic Water and Kinley Bitter Lemon are tonic waters with a characteristic bitter taste.

Kinley is available not only in pre-mix and post-mix formats, but also with the elegant 20cl glass bottle, 33cl cans, 1L pet bottle and today, exclusively  at supermarkets and hypermarkets and, in the brand new mini format of 15 cl cans;

Mini can for great appetizer!


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidifier citric acid, flavorings (including quinine), preservative sodium benzoate.
Each pack contains, in a comprehensive manner, the ingredients and nutritional information characteristic for each drink.


  • VETRO L 0,20

  • CAN L 0,15

  • CAN L 0,33

  • PET L 1