Subjects such as environmental sustainability ad social responsibility define the policy of our company.
The activities of Sibeg aim at business growth in that the environment is a fundamental part in the economic and social development. Minimizing the environmental impact of our own activities is not only a goal but also a commitment which is evident in the creation of an environmental management system, called eKOsystem, which meets the requirements of international standard UNI EN ISO 14001.
SIBEG is committed to continuously and effectively improving its environmental management system, using the necessary resources, and to identify, minimize and prevent pollution from its activities, its products and its services, including management of the activities of the company's fleet and fleet supervision of outside contractors who may have a greater impact on the environment, while always putting the focus on eco-solutions (technological, operational or organizational).

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Our company has a rigorous environmental management system focused on three areas:




Water is a fundamental element in Coca-Cola products, but also in the natural balances of our planet. Sibeg, through rationalization of water and electric resources has been able to spot some resources with a low environmental impact. Taking advantage of a new Nano filtration and reverse osmosis water treatment plant, water consumption was significantly reduced.
In 2009, the ratio of water used by the plant and bottled product was 2.9 liters. In 2016 this index fell up to 2,5 liters resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption of 41.5 million liters of water.



Improve the energy consumption means not only lower costs, but also the emission of gases into the atmosphere, contributing substantially to the protection of the ecosystem. For Sibeg the use of renewable energies is an important asset in the environmental policy management.
Sibeg begins its path in 2007 installing inside a photovoltaic system for the production of energy from renewable sources.
In 2009, the energy required to bottle 1 liter of beverage was approximately 0.40 kWh/l. In 2016 this value dropped to 0.33 KWh/l with a reduction of 24,5% thanks to a 189 kWp photovoltaic system.
From 2016 Sibeg uses 100% of energy from totally renewable resources.




Sibeg tackles waste by creating a model called the 3Rs: REDUCE - RESUME -RECYCLE. 95% of the waste we produce, during the production process, are sent for disposal through authorized platforms. Moreover, Sibeg has adopted, with an investment of over a million and half euros, a new water treatment plant that uses the most advanced technology available today (MBR), which guarantees an effluent discharge with characteristics well below the upper limit accepted by current regulations. The plant which our company is equipped with allows the remote control of the same, allowing managers to monitor it from a distance. Sibeg’s waste water plant will implement the project Fish life: a large aquarium fed by waters from the discharge of treated water where fish will be able to find space and live.
The environment is therefore a fundamental value inherent in Sibeg’s corporate culture, a value that is transmitted through education and shared with all employees at all levels within the structure.


Green Mobility Project


2015 represented for Sibeg the year of the great "power breakthrough".
Sibeg is the first company in Europe to equip its Field Force Sales of full electric cars, instead of the endothermic normally used, in order to help decrease both the local CO2 emissions and noise pollution.
The project has the assignment of 110 electric cars, 4 electric scooters and the installation of 60 charging stations located throughout Sicily.
For the environment, 110 electric cars mean:
• 363 tons of CO2 not released into the environment each year;
• That is the amount of CO2 taken up by 27,225 trees (on average) in a year;
• That is a large forest as 34 football fields