Sibeg has invested much on the aspect of food safety giving particular attention to the final consumer as a fundamental point (if not the main) of its own business.

Traceability in the food chain, as required by Reg CE 178/2002, is a system of registration and collection of data within a food company, aimed at tracing of foods or food products sold or supplied externally to the company itself. The traceability system involves all the components of the same food chain, from raw materials to the final consumer, through the process of production and distribution. Traceability must identify one or more batches of foods marketed by the person who issued the same foods. The records must identify those suppliers of incoming goods, production batches of goods, the batch of raw materials for production.

The lot code created by the company, must be capable of tracing a day of production and related ingredients used. During delivery, the recipient of the goods  and its batch number should be written on the packaging or delivery documents. A good tracking system, allows to perform, when needed, an effective withdrawal of non-compliant products from the market.