What does it mean for you  #elegantlycool?
Answer woth a photo on the site www.elegantlycool.it 

You can win an invitation to an exclusive event and an outfit by Trussardi!


The creativity of Trussardi meets the most contemporary and fashionist brand of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, to create a limited edition entitled #ElegantlyCool composed of 3 cans personalized by the brand of Greyhound representing the symbol of the match between the refined elegance of Trussardi and the cool spirit of Coca-Cola light.

From this co-operation born the idea of the "Win the world Trussardi", which will take place until 31st of December on the site www.elegantlycool.it. As a reward an invitation to an exclusive event or an outfit by Trussardi for Autumn - Winter 2015-2016.
The contest invites all to represent, with a photograph, their idea of #ElegantlyCool, in a creative and original way.
Joining is simple: just answer the question "What does it mean for you #ElegantlyCool?", be inspired by the graphic experiments that allowed the stylized Greyhound tinged with bright colors and the golden lizard print.

Photos should portray at least one of three limited edition Coca-Cola light by Trussardi, in a mood #ElegantlyCool related linked to lifestyle: from fashion to food, from design to art. Once taken, it will be sufficient upload them on the www.elegantlycool.it site where they will be visible in a gallery for the duration of the competition, to be voted by users.
By 30th of October 2015, the 60 most voted photos will be evaluated by a panel of experts who will give them a score based on the criteria of originality, style and relevance to the theme of the competition.

The authors of the first three winning photos will be able to attend an event Trussardi to be held in Milan next autumn.

And there's more: pictures can be uploaded until 31st of December, the day up to which the data of all the participants will be collected and divided between men and women, to get in the final two names that will win an exclusive Trussardi outfits!

Coca-Cola light and Trussardi have also thought of those who are looking for "inspiration" for their shots, asking the help of Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoli, the authors of the lifestyle blog TheAtelier.me. Couple in life and work, the two bloggers have joined photography, travel and fashion in a unique universe, with a fresh approach, young and attentive, to the point of becoming a reference point for a generation in search of ideas and advice .
In this video Patricia Giotto and challenge each other's photos #ElegantlyCool explaining the dynamics of the contest "Win the world Trussardi" http://bit.ly/ElegantlyCool

Now it's your turn ...
Show us your side #ElegantlyCool!